Garage Door Opener Repair – The Facts

It can be more than just frustrating when you are unable to open your garage door; or even close it.  As well as potentially restricting access for your vehicle it can present you with a security issue.  If your garage has a connector door to your house then this will be vulnerable.  Even if it does not then the tools and equipment in your garage will be easily removed by a clued in passer-by.

This is why it is essential to know the facts and be able to perform a garage door opener repair if necessary.  At the very least you will be able to shut your door and lock it in place until you can safely complete a repair.


It is often possible to avoid having to undertake a garage door opener repair by completing basic maintenance.  Firms such as Smart Care Garage Doors can undertake regular maintenance which can often prevent the door breaking and a subsequent garage door opener repair.


Your garage door should have an emergency release cord; this allows it to open if the electronic opener has broken for any reason.  Once you have pulled this cord you will be able to lift it.  It should open smoothly and sit at the half way point by itself.  If it does not then you do not need to be looking at a garage door opener repair!

An inability to stay up means there is an issue with the springs.  They either need adjusting or replacing.  The springs are held under pressure and should only be removed by a professional.

If the garage door opens roughly and moves to the left or right then you will have an issue with your tracks.


Your garage door opener is powered by electricity.  If you are having problems with the garage switch but the remote works fine then the problem is probably with the electrics in the switch; you can replace this switch with almost any other one as it works on a very low voltage.

To confirm the switch is broken simply touch the two wires together.  These are the in and out wires; touching them together will operate the door and prevent the need for a garage door opener repair.

Grinding as Opening

If your garage door grinds as it opens you may find that the track simply needs a little grease to facilitate its movement.  However, if the tracks are fine, you may need to consider that the cogs inside your mechanism are slipping or that the chain is loose.

Both of these items can be easily checked either visually or by listening to the source of the noise.  You will also find it easy to adjust the chain although it is more complicated to remove the cogs and check if they are damaged.  Fortunately, most manufacturers can supply replacement drive cogs.

You can perform a garage door opener repair yourself and there are many guides which will assist you.  However, it is essential to note that the garage door is dangerous.  If the door falls it can cause you an injury; as can the chain slipping.  It is best to have an assistant and to make sure the power is off before you attempt to remove any parts.

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