Home Cleaning Tips for Do-It-Yourself Individuals

Okay, just in case you are one of those that prefer to clean your house and homes yourselves without hiring a cleaning services outfit, thereby leaving that extra change in your pocket. Well, here are some cleaning tips that will help you get the job done on time and give you a professional looking cleaning effect. Hey, wait! Before we even start with the tips, you must first know this: You must pick a day that is most convenient for you to do your house cleaning.

After picking out a convenient day or date for your home cleaning duties, it is now time for you to follow these tips:

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Firstly, before you start cleaning and moving from room to room, it is advisable to put yourself in a relaxed state. Cleaning can be tedious but if you can make it to be fun and pleasurable, you will do a better job of it. So before you cleaning, select your favorite music and play either on your home stereo system or on your iPod, your phone, or your portable music system. Playing your favorite tunes help you relax and make the cleaning effort an enjoyable one.

Secondly, it is a known fact that most of us have closets we are afraid of scared to open. Well, it is now time to let go of those fears and face the skeletons in your closet; LOL. You cannot clean your home and leave your closet unclean and untidy due to fears that are mostly unfounded.

After confronting your secret fears, it is now time to move to the next stage which is dusting. You must dust off your furniture; your shelves, sofa, and your home appliances. For effective dusting, it is advisable that you use microfibers cloths so as to avoid streaking on your glass surfaces.

Okay, figuratively speaking, the fourth stage is to launch attack on those nasty cobwebs LOL. You can use the handle end of your mop stick to do this. All you need to do is wrap a dampened cloth on the stick and you are ready to clear out the noisome cobwebs.

After you have finished deploying your offensive against the cobwebs, it is now time to vacuum your house. Apartment cleaning is one that is laced with surprise finds. Have an empty bag at the ready to receive all your surprise finds as you go about vacuuming and up-ending your furniture to clean beneath.

After you must have finished moving from room to room and from kitchen to bathroom like a commanding tank officer in the thick of battle, it is now time for you to give your house a uniform refreshing fragrance. Use your favorite air-freshener to give your home that welcoming fragrance it deserves.

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