Why your only choice should be – Solid Wall Fencing

The look and style of ARMGO fencing is right on trend for modern fencing choices and upgrades. The appearance of premises is extremely important and can add thousands of dollars to the value of your home or business.  Boundary fences, walls and gates are the key to successful street presentation and increased property values.

Privacy is usually the first thing that people think of with ARMGO fencing products and for good reason – but what about security – strong statement fencing visually defines your ownership of a space and signals to others that this is personal property.

ARMGO patented fencing system not only saves you money but will also give you a long lasting solid fence. As an alternative to a block fence, ARMGO fencing is easy to install and delivers on price, finish and quality. The 25-year warranty speaks for itself.

Security is enhanced in so many ways with ARMGO fencing:

1.    Privacy is assured

2.    It can deter casual intrusion or opportunistic entry on to the property

3.    It secures property goods

4.    It restricts climbing and penetration

5.    It physically controls the movement of people and vehicles

The fencing is made with MgO board. Magnesium Board is a technologically advanced building material. It offers superior performance when compared to traditional cement based products. It is imperious to fire, water and insects. It does not feed mould or mildew and is non-toxic, non-inflammable and non-combustible. Finally, it is environmentally friendly, as it requires less energy to manufacture than cement based products.

Great style AND peace of mind at an affordable price.

Contact ARMGO Home & Modular for further information: www.armgo.com.au  or call 1300 56 75 56.

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