3 DIY Welcome Furniture Ideas For Next Year

Your home contains many things – memories, people, and furniture. When a person looks at one’s home, the person sees your personality, your practicality, and other characteristics.

Are you looking for a new way to express yourself through your interior furniture and design? Get to know Welcome Furniture today and some of the furniture it offers.

What is Welcome Furniture?

Welcome Furniture consists of a skilled workforce that offers pre-assembled bedroom furniture. The people behind the brand have durability, value-for-money, and quality-tested creations in mind. Using the latest state-of-the-art technology, they deliver your desired products without compromising on quality or service.

In this article, you will find three DIY Welcome Furniture ideas to revamp your room for next year.

Sliding Wardrobe

You might want a new kind of wardrobe for your bedroom or dressing room. Instead of the typical hinged closet, you should look into installing a sliding wardrobe. Sliding wardrobe is perfect for compact spaces. It has an innovative touch to it, allowing you to have more customization and personalization such as using glass or mirror, tinted, frosted, and many more. Its doors are limited to a single plane, reducing the risk of your finger getting caught between the doors. Also, making a sliding wardrobe translates to less labor effort and material cost than hinge wardrobes.

Below are the steps on how to prepare for your new DIY sliding wardrobe doors and how to install them.

  1. Preparing the Space

You will remove old doors and tracks. Then, you will clean up the area to remove any leftover debris.

  1. Measuring the sliding doors

You will take into account the interior system of your wardrobe. Precision measurements are crucial for proper installation. You will get a horizontal measurement from the edge of the left wall to the edge of the right wall and a vertical measurement from the floor up to the top of the space.

  1. Installing the Doors and Tracks

Once you purchase and receive the doors, the tracks might need some adjustment to fit the doors. You can use a hacksaw or any electrical saw. Then, you will install the top track. Only a few sliding doors need a bottom track.

After installing the tracks, you will fit the rear and front sliding doors. To install the doors, lift the upper part of the door into the rear track at a slight angle, and then tilt the bottom in place. If necessary, you should adjust the rollers at the bottom of each door to keep the wheels from binding with carpet.

Day Bed

Another furniture that you can buy is a daybed. It has multiple purposes, serving as a couch and a twin bed. You can put it in the common area, living room, or bedroom. It often has double the depth of a standard sofa. Compared to futon folds, the structure of the daybed allows for a comfortable seating and sleeping surface without the need for expansion, consuming less space.

To fit your room’s decor, there are a variety of daybed frame materials such as wood, metal, rattan, and others. For some people, the daybed can be the highlight or focus of the room’s interior design. Other than its aesthetic purpose, it may serve as additional bedding when placed in the living.

The daybed pillows are usually larger than regular sofa pillows to take up the width of the bed and provide sturdy back support for the users.

Children’s Bunk Beds

Do you have kids at home? You might want to consider giving their room a makeover and purchasing bunk beds.

Some designs save a lot of space for your room, consuming mostly vertical space, such as those that can accommodate desks, closets, cabinets, and other furniture below the bunk. Some types of bunk bed allow three mattresses on them.

Aside from being space savers, bunk beds help you spend less money than traditional beds. You don’t need to buy box springs and headboards. You need a few rooms to put the bunk beds, too.

Some bunk beds can be separated, so if you have kids who don’t want to be in high places, you can opt to convert the bunk beds into two twin beds.


Whether you want a makeover or you have a new house to furnish, there is a range of pieces that will fit your needs. The sliding wardrobe, daybeds, and bunk beds by trusted manufacturers can surely increase your comfort and help you create a warm home atmosphere.