3 Unconventional Uses for Fire Glass

A type of tempered glass that comes in a variety of shapes and sizes and is most typically used to construct fire pits, fire glass is a material that most never consider. Nevertheless, an interesting material with a vast array of uses, have you ever stopped to ponder on all the many things you can do with fire glass? If not, you’re in luck. The following is an overview of 3 unconventional uses for fire glass. 

Reusable Centerpieces and other DIY Decorations

First and foremost, fire glass can be used to make elegant and elaborate centerpieces. By simply filling a vase with fire glass or fire beads and adding a splash of color with your favorite flower, you will create a beautiful centerpiece that can be used over and over again or even given as a party favor or gift. These can be used for events such as luncheons, showers, and much more. 

Landscaping or Garden Mulch

Another great use for fire glass is using it to replace the mulch that you replace annually. Although many of us are used to buying mulch each year, if you replace your mulch with fire glass, this will officially be a thing of the past. Aesthetically pleasing and highly durable, mulch made via fire glass can last for up to 1,000 years! Moreover, it is super safe for kids, the elderly, and pets as there is no reason to be concerned with them getting scraped or cut when they take a spill. Furthermore, fire glass can even be used to line the surrounding areas of ponds, walkways, gardens, ponds, driveways, and much more. 

Table Tops and Counters

Lastly, another awesomely unconventional use for fire glass is to create your own customized counters and table tops. Add some color and depth to your counters and tables with this highly durable, and bright material. All the rage these days, fire glass is becoming an increasingly common material to use for such projects. 

Overall, fire glass is an amazing material with an array of uses. In addition to being great for fire pits and the like, fire glass can be used for landscaping, to create ultra-contemporary table tops and counters, to create gorgeous DIY decorations, and much more. If you ever have an abundance of fire glass left over from a previous project, rather than just allowing it to collect dust in your garage or attic, try incorporating it into some of these projects to create new and exciting projects and products all your own.