4 Common Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes You Should Avoid

It is said that the kitchen is the heart of the house.So,when you are remodeling your house, special attention must be given to this part of the house. An impractical kitchen design can make it not only difficult to use, but also inefficient and this is the last thing you would want for the room that is highly dependent on function. You could take help of Renovco kitchen remodeling solutions to redesign your dream kitchen.

The following are the 4 most common kitchen remodeling mistakes that house owners make while planning out their kitchens. Stay aware of these goof-ups by avoiding these mistakes while renovating your kitchen.

  1. Not Planning Sufficient Storage Space:

Homeowners must plan out enough storage space well in advance.Now this could be in the form of cabinets, pantries, drawers or any other form of storage system. If you plan your kitchen layout without sufficient storage space, it will lead to numerous problems – primarily, you will not have enough space to stack in your dry foods, pans, kitchen utensils,pots and dishes! This could lead to an overstuffed cabinet with a messy counter space and overall disorganized kitchen space.

  1. Not Planning Sufficient Counter Space

Kitchen counter space is as important as your storage space. You will want an open and a spacious counter to prepare your meals. Your counter space must be designed is such a way that there is a designated place for your toasters and your blender. A badly designed kitchen counter spacecan easily become cluttered.

  1. Not Having Proper Lighting

Kitchen is that space in the house where lighting is of utmost importance. In addition to normal lighting, attention must be paid to additional form of lightning as well such as pendant lights over the kitchen island or consider installing lights beneath the upper cabinets so as to provide kitchen counter space with enough of light. Since a large amount of time is spent in kitchen, efforts should be made to make the space look upbeat. Other than artificial lighting, there should be enough windows for natural source of lightning as well.

  1. Improper Ventilation

Having proper ventilation is a must in every kitchen. This has to be the golden rule. If the ventilation is not up to the mark then it will getuncomfortable in there when the lingering stench of every cooked meal begins to combine powers. A good ventilation system is advised as this will keep the air fresh and clean. This might even help in extending the kitchen appliances’ lifespan.