4 Garage Door Safety Tips That You Need To Know Now

As per the findings of the Consumer Product Safety Commission National Electronic Injury Surveillance System, U.S., approximately 14000 people are admitted to various medical centres across the country every year for the treatment of garage-related lacerations.

For the safety of your loved ones and yourself, proper functioning your garage door is paramount. Even at the slightest hint of malfunction, you must immediately connect with a reputed garage door service for repairs.

Apart from periodic maintenance sessions, you can use the following tips to ensure the garage door safety.

1. Regularly check the Sensors:

You’ll find the safety sensors connected with the rails of the garage doors. Their primary role is to instantly reverse the door direction (i.e. open it), in case any human or animal body happens to touch it during the closing operation.

You can easily test if they are working fine or not. Simply push the door closing button and quickly slide an obstruction in the front of the sensors just when the doors begin to close- Under ideal conditions, upon detecting the hinderance the door will start moving in the opposite direction. If the door continues to close despite obstruction, you need to consult your garage door specialists immediately to set the sensor functionality right.

2. Keep Kids Out:

It is a common sight to see the kids hanging on the garage doors to take fun rides, however, know that garage doors are certainly not the playing accessories. In fact, when operated in an improper manner, they can jeopardize your child’s safety.

Best practise is to keep the kids away from the area. You may try password protection to block the access completely.

3. Watch those Fingers:

As per the NEISS report, of all the garage door injuries reported, 50% of them are caused due to the fingers getting stuck during the door closing operations. Be extra vigilant and keep your hands off the joints between the panels of garage doors during closing operations.

The latest garage door models come with the pinch functionality for the added finger protection. Connect with Champion Garage Door Repair to know more on this.

4. Adjust the Force settings:

Your garage door should come to standstill when you manually try to push it down during the rising operations and vice-versa. If it doesn’t happen so, you might need to check the force settings and adjust them to the preferred level.

In order to keep the garage door functionality to the optimum, periodic maintenance sessions are a must. Keep an eye on the malfunctioning, at the sight of even slightest fault, call the experts immediately for repairs.