4 Ideas That Will Make Your New Kitchen in Encinitas Pop

If you are carrying out a kitchen remodeling in Encinitas, San Diego, or any other area, chances are that you want a beautiful kitchen that will complement the rest of the house while wowing your friends and guests at the same time. To help you with that goal, here are 4 ideas that will make your kitchen ‘pop’ and get even more admirers.

  1. Lots of natural light

Aesthetics revolve around light. And the best light for your indoor spaces in natural light from the outdoors. Try to get as much natural light into your kitchen as possible. You can install a new window, enlarge the current one, install skylights, etc. Natural light will not only amplify the colors in your kitchen and save you on energy bills, it will also improve the functionality of your kitchen too.

  1. Indoor plants

Indoor plants are really cool to have around. They add to the color of your spaces, they create a statement, and some plants infuse sweet aromas into your kitchen. And if you already have enough natural light in your kitchen, your indoor plants will flourish with very little maintenance needed. Potted plants are the easiest to get started with and you can grow these on the window sills or on your countertops.

  1. Hidden storage

A kitchen needs as much storage as possible. And what’s even cooler than enough storage? Storage that you can’t see! Hidden storage compartments are cool additions to your space. But more importantly, they help you to keep your kitchen free and clear of clutter. You get to keep your workspaces clean and tidy for that minimalistic/contemporary look.

  1. Minimal use of color

If you think that more color makes your kitchen pop then you are mistaken. Today kitchens look better with minimal color tones. You can go for an all-white classic kitchen or choose winning two-tones such as black and white, grey and white, black and wood grain, etc.

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