4 pointers you should check before moving or transporting goods to Australia

Moving to a new place can be exciting and joyous. However, the process of moving itself can be intimidating and make you go dizzy. Moving Company OKC internationally can make it even more complex. You must plan well ahead and hire the right removals company that meets all your requirements. Are you are looking to move your permanent residence to Australia or just transporting goods to this beautiful continent? Then this article helps you have a clear overview of some of the arrangements that you might have to do before you choose the removal company itself.

  1. Immigration policies: The immigration policies help the countries to handle the number of immigrants entering the country. However, Australia being an island of culture with an abundance of wonderful wildlife and nature, they try harder to protect it by restricting some goods into the country. Hence they have a biosecurity control that inspects the goods before entering.

You might have to check the list of the items that immigration allows and the items that it restricts before you plan to pack your goods. You can check the BICON while determining to bring your commodity. Please note that you will not be allowed to bring goods that have been in contact with animals, plants (including timber), water, food, or soil.

If you are hiring an international removal company ensure that they guide you in this aspect.

  1. Inspection charges: Many international removal companies agree to handle the inspection at the arrival for you. However, there is a fee collected by the department of agriculture, water resources, and the department of inspection for inspecting the goods. This fee varies according to the time it takes for the inspection department to do the job.

Some removal companies ask you to pay the fees beforehand and handles the entire process even the actual cost changes at the time of inspection. While the others exclude this expense and ask you to pay during the time of inspection. Whatever be the case, you must have a conversation about this pointer with the removal company that you hire.

  1. A written record of the entire shipment:It is obvious that there are many perks of having a clear and detailed record of all the goods that you carry. Otherwise, you would have to spend extra money for the longer amount of time for the inspecting procedures. Having a full record of your furniture is really important in view of its cost and uniqueness.A good idea is to explore all the options at the best way to get your furniture shipped to find the best mover for the job.

If you are packing things yourself, you must have a clear list at hand of the items that you are shipping. If you are hiring an international removal company, they pack the items for you. They also provide a detailed list of the inventory and provide you a copy as well.

Remember to pack the goods separately that you are concerned that they might require some treatment/inspection by the bio-control inspectors. Hence this will avoid unnecessary repacking/reloading at the time of inspection. You might have to talk with your removals company about the packaging and labeling procedures. Are you thinking about moving to or from Australia? Get a quote from Nuss International Removals.

  1. Official procedures and paperwork: If you are hiring a removal company, you might like to ask the company to handle the official paper works on your behalf. You may already know that every international move involves paper works. Moving to Australia includes the Australian customs service B534 which is used to clear the customs. The international removal company that you hire should clear the paper works for you. This procedure makes a legal declaration to the department of immigration and border protection and the department of Agriculture and water resources.

Final thoughts: As mentioned earlier, you must plan well ahead to reduce the hassle or unnecessary expense at the neck of the moment. If you decide to hire an international removal company, list down all of your requirements and have a conversation with them about all the above pointers.