5 Creative Ways to Increase Your Living Space, Single Beds, Shelving & More

Have you ever wanted to extend the space in your home but just never knew how to? Do you want a free/cost effective way to increase the space in your home? Even if your living space is small, you have the power to use the space as you wish and, if you wish to increase it, you can! These hacks are some of the most creative ways to increase your living space. Here are 5 creative ways to increase your living space.

  1. Turn a closet into an office/play area-This is a super easy creative way to increase your living space. Depending on the size of your closet, you can remove the doors from a closet to create a cool play area for your kids (and their toys!) or even use closet space for exercise equipment to instantly create a home gym!
  2. Shelve away!Shelves can be miracle workers if you need more space for books, magazines, movies, CDs, and you can even use a shelf as a TV stand (make sure it’s large and strong enough for the TV’s weight). Put a shelf in your bedroom for an instant home “office”. Add some bookshelves in the hallway or on either side of doorways for a faux-wall extension look.
  3. No backyard? No problem!Having a small balcony can be disheartening if you’ve only dreamed of having a bigger one. The trick is to use the space you do have to create what you want! Use your balcony to create a herb garden. Put a set of chairs (if you have the space) to make an instant relaxation and garden space.
  4. Is it a sofa or a bed? It’s both!Sofa beds and futons can be a living space/guest bed at the same time! You can find some wonderful cheap upholstered beds that double as a day sofa online at great prices. Watch TV with your family by day and simply pull out the bed by night! You can even use what would have been a bedroom for something else now that you’ve discovered this “space hack”. The possibilities are endless! Furthermore, consider a divan bed. Divans have storage incorporated into the base, freeing up much needed cupboard space. You can find 3 foot single beds on sale here.
  5. Turn your musty attic into a clean living space – What’s in the attic? If your answer is “dust” or something of the like, it doesn’t have to be. Add a loft extension into your home or warehouse for an instant living space transformation. Loft conversions are one of trendiest ways to expand your home. Why should you let a literal extra room in your home go to the dumps? Why not use that much-needed space for something you can actually use?

There are way more than five ways to increase your living space, but a loft extension may in fact be the stepping stone in giving you the home and space you’ve only dreamed of. Not only will a loft extension give you the gift of expansion, but can also raise the value of your home. Impress your guests (and yourself)! Use these five creative ways to increase your living space!