5 Intriguing Trends in Luxury Apartments Sector

With money becoming more fluid and highly available with improving economy, the number of households that can afford to have luxury flats in Cochin is increasing. If you are one of those households, then getting the perfect luxury apartments in Marine Drive Kochi is going to be easy for you. Whether you want fully furnished luxury apartments in Kochi or you want to furnish the place yourself, there are many trends that would make your luxury apartment much more hip and upcoming.

Here are five of those trends that are disrupting the luxury apartments sector currently:

  • Designer Modular Kitchen:

This trend is still one of the most spread out trends in the luxury apartments sector. The design of the kitchen needs to be top notch and elegant. The kitchen should obviously have all possible appliances and gadgets that should be present in any modern kitchen setup, but that’s not it. A luxury apartment kitchen is generally designed using countertops made of granite/neolith material. The appliances are generally stainless steel and the cutlery is either silver coated or stainless steel only.

  • Big Closets:

This is one of the latest trends going on. Even if you don’t need a big closet, you would find them pre-fitted in most of the furnished luxury apartments. These big closets are generally of walk-in type. They are so big that you can walk around in the closet and select your clothes. You might have seen it in movies and TV shows. Most of the rich and famous people have walk-in closets in their apartments. Extra space for your belongings is always abundant in a luxury apartment.

  • Fitness Centre and Private Pool:

Another trend that is doing rounds in the luxury apartments sector is having a private gym and fitness centre in the apartment. You won’t have to pay for a monthly gym membership fee because your luxury apartment would have a fitness centre. The luxury apartments that don’t offer a private fitness centre offer a shared free gym for the entirety of the building.

Along with a gym and fitness centre, some luxury apartments also have private pools or direct access to the pool. Some even have a rooftop pool and high class luxury apartments also have extended see-through pools!

  • Secure Entry:

This is another popular trend currently. Nowadays, living with style means having a private security guard/doorman. Some even have different secure entry methods like card access or biometric scanner. The luxury apartments are going all in when it comes to securing the VIPs who live in them.

  • Interior Décor:

Obviously, a luxury apartment would have the best possible interior décor. Lighting fixtures are going to be top notch, the floors would most probably be hardwood, there would be crown moulding, the ceilings would be vaulted, the bathrooms would have beautiful showers and the entire appeal of the house’s interior would suggest that a movie star resides in the apartment.

These are the trendiest of all trends in luxury apartments sector. All the luxury apartments aren’t similar and depend upon the architect and/or designer and their artistry.