5 Tips for Choosing the Right Entry Door

With all the various styles, materials, and features out there, door replacement is tougher than ever. And the large gap in pricing doesn’t make things a bit easier. One could purchase a front door for only $250 as well as for $5000+. So how do you know if you’re choosing the right entry door for your home?

Here are the 5 tips for choosing the right entry door:

  1. Door Style

Surprisingly, lot of people can forget that the style of a new door should work in perfect harmony with the rest of the house. Don’t get us wrong! Experimenting with your home’s aesthetics can do wonders for your curb appeal! Bold choices like installing a traditional door in a contemporary styled home can prove to be a good decision in some situations.

Also, you always have the option of a custom door. Creating a new entry from scratch with the help of experienced professionals will shine a new light on the entrance! It will also enable you to personalize the household and stand out from the rest of your neighborhood.

  1. Door Material

You can see tons of adds, offering entrance doors for only $150. Beware folks! Those cheap doors are probably poorly made. To avoid such scams, you must learn the basics on materials, including pricing, average lifespans, and efficiency. Rated from worst to best, the available options are: aluminum, wood, vinyl, steel, and fiberglass.

From energy efficiency to weather-resistance, what you choose will influence everything! But, making your decision solely based on comparisons between materials isn’t wise. The responsibility for quality is on the manufacturers. A low quality steel front door will perform much worse than a high quality aluminum one!

  1. Location

Additionally, each material’s performance varies based on location. Aluminum may work good in the city, but installing such a door near the ocean isn’t recommended at all. When in contact with salt, aluminum corrodes and your new door can turn into a living nightmare. People say that moisture-resistance should also be a concern.

Many suggest that living in humid areas where rain is more common than sunshine is a sign that you definitely need to avoid wood. But, these “signs” shouldn’t be taken for granted since some manufacturers can offer adequate solutions like special anti-termite and anti-rot coatings.

  1. Look for Ideas and Inspiration

If you are the type of homeowner that loves learning new things, then you probably have already gone through some material basics. Now, you’d want some tips for stylizing and aesthetics. Remember not to be afraid of looking for inspiration.

Use the perks of the digital era and look for styles you like on Pinterest or Instagram. This might help your contractors a lot more than you think. In fact, even many film directors use already existing photographs to explain their vision to the rest of the crew. Explaining visual concepts is really hard and you should use every gadget available.

  1. Door Colour

A common tip you will hear from an interior designer is to balance all the elements. One of those elements is color. Purchasing a bright pink door while the rest of your house has orange shades isn’t such a smart choice. The best way to elevate the appeal of a house is by creating color symmetry.

Mind the color of your exterior window shutters or that of your window boxes. Choosing an entry door that complements the outside is the smartest way you can go. Besides looking out for color symmetry, try to place similar objects on different sides of the door. This will help you a lot in improving curb appeal.