5 types of chair for weddings of this season

Furniture has become a fundamental element in weddings. Gone are the times when you had to settle for the first thing you were taught, luckily today there are many companies specialized in rental of catering and events that offer endless decorative possibilities depending on the type of wedding What do you want to celebrate? In today’s post I will focus mainly on the chairs, a fundamental piece both for the ceremony and at the time of the banquet. At the outset I will tell you that I am anti-covers, I like chairs as is, logically as long as the chair has an acceptable aesthetic but even with the simplest chairs, such as scissors, I prefer to leave them naked or at most decorate them with some minimal touch of green or flower, before placing a cover on it. Within the diversity of options that exist I have opted for five chair models that perfectly cover different types of wedding so you can choose the one that best suits your tastes and needs.


The Crossback is a type of chair that became very fashionable in interior decoration a few years ago and, as is often the case, from home to wedding. It is still widely used today, though it’s facing a big competition against Bentwood chairs(เก้าอี้ ไม้ดัด which is the term in Thai)especially in rustic and outdoor weddings. It is a type of chair that combines very well with wooden tables, both imperial and round, tablecloths of vichy tables or any other country or Mediterranean style element. So if you are thinking about a rustic wedding, the Crossback is your chair.


The Tiffany chair is a classic at weddings and, for me, it is one of the safest bets because its versatility makes it ideal for both outdoor and indoor weddings and works equally well at both ceremonies and banquets. It is a type of chair that combines simplicity and elegance in equal parts and that you can also find in different colors and finishes, so it will give you a good result whether you want to give the wedding a more classic touch, in this case those of perfect golden color, as if you prefer a more natural look.