Guide for realtors and property managers on how to maintain swimming pools, including basic pool checks and tasks you can perform, in between professional service visits.

Water Circulation In The Pool

The water pump helps the water to circulate in the pool. It moves water from the pool and sends it through the filter for removal of dirt, dust and debris prior to sending it back to the pool. The size and piping determines how long the pump should run to keep the pool clear and clean, though it should be run for 1 hour for every 10 degrees of temperature.

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Filtering System

The filter removes any undissolved dirt and debris from the pool. The skimmers basket and hair and lint basket in the pump filter the pool water. Backwash the filters when the pressure gauge rises to 8-10 PSI from clean.

Testing the Pool

It’s advisable to test the pool 2-3 times during summer and once a week during winter. This is to check the sanitizer’s levels and adequate water balance for the comfort of the swimmer. You can use test stripes to test sanitizers levels and PH and total alkalinity. This test will also detect any metals that may be present and also ensure that calcium levels are maintained. These test are done to prevent scaling or corrosion.

Skimming the Pool

Use the skimmer net to clean leaves or debris from the surface. Skim nets can also be used to remove items from the floor of the pool including small animals.

Check the Safety of the pool

Always check the gate and doors leading to the pool area. Do they self close and self-latch. Do the Doors leading to the pool area have Door alarms installed and working? Is the area around the pool slippery? Are the chemicals used for the pool properly put away under lock and key? Is the Chlorine in the pool too much such that it irritates the eyes and has a strong foul smell? Can you smell gas leak near the pool heater? All these things need to be checked.

Check water levels

The water in the pool should always be mid-tile. If it gets too high, the skimmers will stop skimming and if it gets too low, the pump will suck-in air and might stop pumping.

Check pool cleaners

Use of automatic pool cleaners saves a lot of time taken doing the cleaning manually. Regular at tension is required when using these cleaners though. The debris bag attached to the cleaner requires to be emptied regularly so they won’t hinder pool filtration. They can also clog, get stuck behind ladders or coiled up.

These few points are some of the maintenance tasks used by realtors or property managers to keep the pools operating.

Article written by Aqua Pro Pool & Spa Service. Aqua Pro is an expert pool repair and pool service provider in Connecticut.  For more tips on maintaining your pool, visit the blog on the Aqua Pro Pool website.