7 Tips and Tricks To Sell Your House at a Higher Price

It goes without saying that every seller would like to sell their home for the maximum possible price. Usually, selling a house requires finding the right estate agent, listing the house on the market, opting for a property valuation and then finalising the right selling price to ensure you attract many potential buyers. But, as a seller, you should not leave everything to the estate agent. There are quite a few things homeowners and sellers can do to increase the selling price. Here are some tips and tricks that sellers should follow to sell a property at a higher price.

It’s all about staging:

A well-staged property might end up selling for a lot more money than the value of the property. Essentially, it is easier for potential buyers to imagine their new life in their new home when they see a staged property. Also, first impressions matter – if the potential buyers fall in love with the property as soon as they walk in, they might just make an offer that is higher than the selling price to make sure that the deal goes through.

Get repairing:

Make sure that everything in your home is repaired. Be it leaky faucets, broken tiles, worn-out carpets or broken furniture, fix everything that needs repair. When a potential buyer walks into a home with damaged furniture or fixtures, they might attempt to negotiate due to the fact that they will have to spend additional money on repairs. However, if nothing requires repair, then there will be no room for negotiation. In fact, since your property will look and feel brand new, it will be even easier for the new owners to move in quickly, which could drive up the selling price. 

Opt for a clean, simple and chic look:

One way to really make your property look and feel expensive is by opting for a minimalistic, chic and clean look. Essentially, you need to use a simple colour for the interiors – creams, whites, greys, beige and earthy tones always make a house look luxurious. A pop of colour is always a good idea. Use floor-to-ceiling curtains to make the place look posh, consider adding some modern elements and modern decor for a more chic look and stick to clean lines. At the end of the day, the more expensive a place looks, the better the offer.

Let the statement pieces stand out:

A statement piece such as a fully automated home theatre or a fireplace in the living room could be the highlight of your home, so make sure it stands out. A rooftop terrace, a gazebo in the backyard, a modular kitchen or even a hot tub in the basement are things that will attract many buyers, so make sure you highlight them.

Upgrade your kitchen:

Who doesn’t love a clean, sleek and modular kitchen? If you have the budget, consider renovating your kitchen to really add value to your property. If you do not have the money for a full renovation, then you can always upgrade your kitchen by changing the cabinets, replacing countertops, painting the wood and even adding a few more lighting fixtures. Also, make sure that all your appliances look brand new – a gorgeous new kitchen with a rusty old oven isn’t going to impress potential buyers.

Don’t forget about the curb:

While many homeowners focus on fixing the interiors of their property, they often forget about the curb. The curb appeal is just as important as the interiors, after all, the first thing potential buyers see when they visit a property is the outside! So, make sure to spruce up the exteriors and maybe add some greenery. Paint the exteriors, trim the hedges, clean the driveway, and maybe even add a few potted plants here and there to add to the overall charm. A nice and clean exterior will certainly set your property apart, and maybe even add to the selling price.

Clean, clean, clean:

This goes without saying, but there is nothing that potential buyers like more than a clean house. Get rid of any clutter and make sure that the house looks spotless before every showing and every visit. Remove extra decor items, get rid of any broken furniture, ensure the kitchen and bathrooms are spotless and get don’t forget to clean all the bedrooms. Repainting the walls is also a good idea as that makes the property look cleaner and newer, which in turn will make the property look and feel more expensive. Again, this is a great way to create a first impression, and first impressions go a long way in the property market!