9 Budget-Friendly Kitchen Makeovers

People say that the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s no wonder why homeowners consider Kitchen remodeling a big deal. They spend time and effort — and of course, money — just to achieve their dream look and make things more efficient in this part of their house.

If you are working on a tight budget, there is good news. You don’t have to break the bank just hit your kitchen goals. In this blog, we are running down nine budget-friendly kitchen makeover tips you can follow.

Try going monochrome. Like what many homeowners can relate to, sometimes, all your kitchen needs is a little paint job. And once you decide you’ll be doing this makeover move, it’s safer to go with just one color instead of piling on more hues for your walls and cabinets.

Change your backsplash or countertop. If you’re already satisfied with your kitchen’s existing paint job, you can dramatically change the look of this room by changing either your backsplash or countertop (or both).

Go for white (or black) appliances. If you don’t want to spend money on appliances made with stainless steel, you can still make your kitchen look elegant, sleek and stylish by opting for white or black appliances.

Opt for floating and open shelves. A change in your cabinetry can also bring a significant change in the overall feels of your kitchen. One popular makeover moves nowadays is going for open or floating shelving. This will also help reveal aesthetic items like plates and cups hiding inside your cabinets.

Snack drawers can make for an awesome statement. Another kitchen remodeling hack that doesn’t require much budget is the setting up of snack drawers. Try stowing pre-packaged foods in low drawers or baskets to make a dramatic and appetizing statement for your kitchen.

Second-hand decorations aren’t that bad. If you’re the more artsy, eccentric type, you can score amazing decorative items in places like salvage yards, flea markets, and thrift shops. Adding such items can also help change the vibe of your kitchen.

Invest in one interesting piece. In contrast with the tip above, you can keep things relatively simpler by simply adding one unique piece — like a patterned rug or a wallpaper.

Get a little creative with your lighting. From installing puck lights underneath top cabinets to running rope lights around the base of your cabinetry, adding some lighting fixtures can already spice up the whole look of your kitchen.

Sometimes, it simply boils down to the hardware. This simple makeover is far less expensive and tiring compared with the other tips. All it entails is trading your worn out knobs and pulls with brand-new ones.

Words to Keep in Mind

No matter how big or small your allocated budget for kitchen remodeling is, you must do your best to stick to it. Set realistic projections and estimates, allocate a contingency fund, and know your priorities.

Besides following budget-friendly kitchen makeover tips, it will also be of great help if you bring out those negotiation skills. Talk with vendors and ask suppliers — you’ll never know when you can get amazing deals.

Kitchen remodeling should not turn into a nightmare even when you’re on a tight budget. At O’Hanlon Kitchens, we make things work and we do not sacrifice quality. Contact us today!