A Buyers Guide to Sofa Beds

Space will always be an issue when guests invade our daily lives, but it needn’t perturbed you. With many homes turning their guest bedrooms into home offices, it is not uncommon nowadays that all household beds are pre-assigned to live-in family members, but that doesn’t mean your guests have to sleep on the floor.

Sofa beds are a great way of adding comfort, dynamic visuals and of course, practical sleeping solutions to homes of all shapes and sizes. As a dual functioning piece of furniture, they are a fantastic addition to a home office, a living room or evening a conservatory. Taking up the same amount of space as a regular sofa most of the time, these transforming couches can be just what you need when putting up the relatives for an evening.

Practical, convenient and a great space saver, the sofa bed has always been met with trepidation in bygone years, as they were not always the most comfortable pieces of furniture, albeit the hardest working. However, that time is past, and with our few quick tips on what to look for when buying your new sofa, you and your guests will be sleeping soundly.

First things first; where possible it is highly advisable to go and check out a sofa prior to purchasing. The old adage of try before you buy is a really good one to follow, especially when it comes to items of furniture that’s sole purpose is comfort. This doesn’t mean you have to buy in a store, as once you have tested you can still choose to buy online if you prefer.

A hardwood frame, as with any bed is essential to the support and comfort of a good night sleep. Whilst some sofa beds come with a pull out mattress, these are essentially up-branded futons and whilst great for a kids room on the short term, are not the correct way to go if you are looking for a good quality piece of furniture. Instead, going for one with lumbar support gives credence not only to its structure, and longevity, but will also gives the best rest to anyone who sits or sleeps upon it.

Next, check that the mechanism for opening and closing the sofa is smooth, easy to use and doesn’t take much effort.  Equally as important is to also check the lock-down bar and ensure it is a tight lock, though also easy enough to release.

And lastly, a quality mattress and cushions will also ensure yours and your families comfort all round, and so it is advisable to try the sofa bed out as both a sofa and a bed separately, without taking it for granted that if one is comfy, the other function will be too. If in doubt as to whether or not you can transform the sofa in a showroom, always ask for assistance. Most staff members will be happy to show you how it works and can answer any questions regarding fabric pallets and delivery.