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Whether you are an established association or brand new formed, EMS Ohio offers the experts and problem solving services that enhance your operations. They don’t manage rental communities and real estate. They do not run side landscaping and maintenance operations. They only focus on the interests of their clients.

Features of EMS Ohio in making better management solutions:

  • It helps in controlling costs of amenities and common areas
  • It helps in qualifying and overseeing contractors and vendors
  • It provide protection through insurance and fidelity bonds
  • Applying CC&Rs and by laws as required
  • 24/7/365 emergency service
  • It helps in coordination and assistance with legal issues and concerns
  • It helps in enhancing the property values of the community

The company has always gone above and beyond to make the home owner association run as smoothly as possible. Whether a homeowner association involves condos, townhomes or a single family community, EMS professionals offer services that enhance operation and maintenance of amenities and common areas. They are driven by a commitment to timely customer service and member satisfaction. You can go through the website www.emsohio.com for more information. Just click here to get to know the management solutions provided to HOA, Condominium association.

Elite is one of the fastest progressing community association management companies in Ohio. It has progressed because of their aggressive service standards and value driven management fee structure.

When you buy a condominium, townhouse or another type of property in a planned development such as a leased land property or a gated community, you are obligated to join that community`s homeowners` association and pay monthly or annual HOA fees for the upkeep of common areas and the building.

As all the multiple parties live in the same building or complex, all the residents of condominiums and townhomes must be equally responsible for maintaining the common areas such as landscaping, elevators, swimming pool, clubhouses, parking garages, fitness rooms, sidewalks, security gates, roofing and building exteriors. Homeowner association fees help maintain the quality of life for the community`s residents and protect property values for all owners.

Restrictions for Homeowner association:

They can have a significant legal power over the property owners in their jurisdiction. The governing documents or covenants set certain conditions on the property and owners. The conditions may be structural restrictions such as the type of fences or landscape allowed or minor selections such as the color of paint on house.

The condominium owner`s title to the property does not include the four walls that divide his unit from other units or common areas in the property. The floor, ceiling, sidewalks, stairwells and exterior areas are all part of the common ownership of the condo.

Restrictions for condominium Association:

The declaration of covenants, conditions and restrictions is a legal document that sets forth the regulations for owners of units in a condominium. This document defines acceptable use of the unit. it describes the owner`s use of limited common areas and general common areas. The declaration includes rules for selecting the board for the homeowners` association, which is a board that manages the development.

Here at EMS Ohio, they provide a team of professionals to take care of all aspects of managing Association. They work directly with the board of directors and homeowners to maintain the community`s standards and fulfill the needs of homeowners.