A Perfect Guide on How to Wrap a Gift like a Pro!

Wrapping a gift is an action that is many times easier said than done. A gift doesn’t look like a gift unless it is packed properly. An adequately wrapped present is, in fact, a gift in itself!! Gifts wrapped nicely look beautiful when you give them, but it can be a hard deal to do it the right way. Where to cut? When to crease? How to get that perfect bow and those beautiful creased edges? Well, these are some of the minute details which make a straightforward task of gift wrapping a frustrating one. If you are also someone who wants to always get away with this wrapping job and feel that it is too tiring just because you lack those skills, don’t worry, you are going to learn it soon.

Read on to know how to wrap like a pro and not a 6-7-year-old and become that one important person who is there in every family designated as “the one who knows how to cover the gifts nicely.

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  1.    Hide the price

It doesn’t give a good impression to let the price tag stay on the product you are gifting. It is, in fact, bad manners and looks cheap. Don’t leave that sticky residue on or cut off the price tag which makes the item non-returnable, instead, colour the price using a slap or a sharpie.

  1.    Get the tools required

Scissors and tape are the most basic tools needed for gift wrapping but if you wish to become better at it than you must have tools like a rotary cutter which helps to evenly slice the wrapping paper and pop up tape dispenser gets fit in hand thereby making tape cutting easier. Other must-have supplies include the following:

  •    The item to be wrapped
  •    Gift wrap paper
  •    A ruler
  •    A pencil
  •    Double sided tape
  •    Scissors
  •    Ribbon, bow or gift tag (optional)

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  1.    Use hard surface and make some measurements

Try and wrap the gifts on a hard surface like a table to avoid tearing.  Refrain from working on carpet or floor which makes it difficult to control the paper. You need to check if there is sufficient paper to wrap. Make sure to roll the box and see that the paper is longer than the total of each side of the box by at least 2-3 inches.

  1.    Upside down approach

It always feels nice to immediately know what the gift is rather than first seeing the bottom and therefore, always wrap the gifts upside down and not vice versa. This is quite obvious, but people tend to forget this fact. This is done so that the overlapping of the gift paper comes on the bottom side of the item. It is assumed that the side of the gift which has the name tag or the bow is the top and hence this should be kept in mind while wrapping.

  1.    Get perfect ends

When the gift is secured with paper around, comes the time to fold the ends. To get accurate ends the trick is to fold the sides first followed by folding the top and the bottom flap to meet or overlap each other in the middle.

  1.    Use decorative tape

If you are in doubt that you could not wrap the gift well, just keep a decorative tape handy and go for the beautiful collection available on sale. Hide all those faults, those awful looking ends and the untidy edges by covering these mistakes with sparkling tape. It is a blessing in disguise for the hopeless gift wrappers out there.

  1.    Use post-it notes

Use post-it notes to write the names of the gift recipients and place them on the gift as and when you are done wrapping it. This will avoid confusion if there are more than one gift items which are similar looking but for different people and occasions.

  1.    Practice

If you are new to this work, first practice on a newspaper or some old used wrapping paper and get the techniques done. Once you get hands-on, go ahead and wrap the actual present like a pro.

Next time you buy a gift, make sure to practice these tips, show your creativity and enjoy the fun of wrapping that gift for your loved ones by yourself and make a great impression. Wrapping gifts might be tricky but of course, not that difficult a deal to learn and implement!