Acrylic Glass Prints – Features And Benefits Of Owning Them

Acrylic pictures have been gracing many upscale photography studios and art galleries for years. However, their craze is witnessing a speedy rise amongst common people as well. Which is why many companies have taken upon shoulders the task to manufacture and supply acrylic wall prints for residential use too. All that you have to remember is to be picky about a company and choose the ones with fair experience in manufacturing and providing acrylic wall prints for commercial purposes.

What Makes Acrylic Prints So Popular?

Acrylic prints are the modern day showpieces without which every decor stays incomplete. Only when you own one that you can realize what you were missing on. Some of the best benefits of acrylic wall art that you must know before investing in it are given below.

  1. Acrylic pictures put forth beautifully done images that are printed on the backside of the glass with the help of flatbed technique. The hues are sharp and carry the clarity of HD images with a resolution like that of HDTVs.
  2. The glass pictures are supported by dibond wood panels or Sintra so that they are stronger and less prone to damage and breaking. Besides, they are the glossiest prints than any other print in the market.
  3. These indoor pictures can also be customized for outdoor decor by making them waterproof, dirt proof, and sun proof. Also, acrylic glass pictures are low maintenance art pieces that are economical and easy to clean.
  4. They come in different sizes and shapes and the ones that are 3/16th and 1⁄4” thick are blessed with smooth edges to give them a clean artistic touch.
  5. Many acrylic glass pictures can be printed even through the edges. It gives them a graceful fuller appearance and they look somewhat translucent from all sides.
  6. When cleaned properly, they can last for as long as 30 years without an iota of less shine or lost color. Also, since printed on the internal side of the glass, the colors do not smudge.

What Are The Best Mounting Options To Fix Acrylic Pictures?


You get to choose between the following 3 options.

  • Mount – This is the best option for people on a tight budget.
  • Float – This is the most modern option with 1” dibond or Sintra panels on the backside of the picture. The panels are augmented with strong adhesive to glue the picture on the wall.
  • Standoff – This is the classiest and most permanent version of mounting. It requires drilling and the picture is provided with 4 metal screws to simplify installation.