Advanced features of phones that will make your life easy

Mobile has now become one of the most used gadgets. Popularity of mobile phones has increased day by day, this is just because of the introduction of smart phones. Smart phone have taken the mobile industry to another level and now the situation has come where each company tries to give more advance features in their phone, so that they can surpass their rival company or competitors. Nowadays, advanced features are introduced like fingerprint scanner, voice sensors, LTE etc. that have enhanced the functionality of the smartphones.

Advanced feature of your phones

If you use a smartphone then you might know that it drains a lot of battery and if you have a mobile of low mAh then you might be aware how often you need to charge the mobile and moreover you also need to carry a wire charger with yourself. However, nowadays you don’t need to carry a charger because nowadays wireless charging feature is available in mobiles that mean you don’t need to carry a wire and charger anymore and moreover many companies have also launched a phone that comes in fast charging options in which company claims that in just 15-20 minutes your phone will get charged to about 50-70%.

Eye controller is also one of the most advanced features that come in phone. In this feature, you can scroll the screen from the movement of your eyes. This feature is widely available in book reader gadgets and in some mobiles also. It is also expected that in upcoming mobile eye locking technology will be featured using which you can lock and unlock your phone from your eyes only and moreover when it comes to fingerprint sensors then the technology used will be so advanced that it can diagnose that the person is dead or alive so that no other person can make use of the phone.