Advantages Of Buying Apartments For Sale And Under Construction

Due to lower payment and installment options, many people choose to purchase a property under construction or presale. While for some people, the saying “a bird in hand is worth more than 100 flying” summarizes very well the decision to invest in a house or apartment that is finished and ready to move in, as the news frequently reports cases of delay and non-compliance in construction and possession of the property.

However, acquiring a home of your own, whether it is under construction or ready, has many advantages because the properties increase in value, guarantee the privacy and represent a source of savings for the future. Below, we will look at some of them:

Benefits Of Buying A Property Under Construction Or Presale

Payment Is Easy

If you are buying a property under construction, there is no urgent need to pay the full amount in one go. Generally, construction companies or real estate companies ask that the money be deposited in phases or installments and that you deposit the maximum amount at the time of delivery of the property.

Wider And Better Options

When you reserve a property under construction, you have more options to choose from. Generally, you can choose from the location (north, south, east, and west) where you want to live to the floor of your future Condo Chatuchak(คอนโดจตุจักร, which is the term in Thai) according to your wishes and convenience.

More Built Area And Better Facilities

Builders and real estate companies offer you a lot in terms of built areas and facilities. If you are buying an apartment under construction, they will offer several internal facilities and others related to recreation within the residential complex. Even the area for recreational spaces is larger compared to the recreational spaces of property ready to receive owners or tenants.