All about the solar geysers

Winters of South Africa especially the city of Cape Town are very chilly and it is hard to imagine the life without making the use of water heating system. Water heating system provides warm water in the house that makes the household work to be done easily. Water heating system or geyser has so many values but still no one can deny the fact that use of water heating system is very expensive because use of it will result in high electricity bills.

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Lower the energy bills by solar geysers

Now days many people have started realizing that use of solar geyser will be more beneficial as it runs on free energy that it gets from the sun, so basically running cost of solar geysers in South Africa or anywhere else is zero. Solar panels of water heater are also easy to install in comparison to other solar panels. Having the solar geysers surely lowers the energy bill and provides you many other benefits as well such as –

  • Benefits of installing the solar geysers in Cape Town are that you also get qualified for the incentive for use of renewable energy. That means you get the money in order to generate your own energy.
  • It also produces very minimal amount of carbon footprint and they are efficient as well.

Direct or indirect geysers

Geysers can be classified into various types, out of which direct as well as indirect geysers are one of it. Direct solar heating systems can also be known as open loop system as well as circulate the household water that person can use for the showering, washing of hands and for other general purpose. While on the other hand indirect or closed loop water heaters make use of the heat exchanger in order to separate the water from the heat transfer fluid and can be used for almost every purpose.