All Basics You Need To Know About Different Window Treatments And Drapery!

Everyone wants their home to perfectly reflect their personal choices, taste and style. Interior decoration is one of the best ways to show up your personality! Window treatments are therefore one of the most important aspects of the interiors of every home that needs to not only look great, but be functional too.

Today, window treatments broadly covers curtains, shades, blinds, drapes, and much more. If proper window coverings are taken care of, you can make your home your dream place! So now, let us explore some of the basic as well as advanced terms related to window treatments.

Drapery panel or curtains

A Kardinad is one of the major sections of window covering that is normally unlined. A panel may be a piece of hammed fabric hung on the rod from top of the window. It can be either floor length or even below windowsill. Buying drapes by panel is one of the most inexpensive ways for window covering since you can easily buy as many widths according to your budget and choice!


Valance is basically short curtains that come in variety of styles and shapes. They can be used to cover tops of doors, windows, and even along with drapes and sheers. They are well known by many names including ascot, tailored, gathered blouson, ruffled stagecoach, awning, etc. from formal to elegant, you can give a totally new look to your home with each of its different styles!


Blinds are also most commonly referred to as shades. They are generally created in sewing world of the materials that gather, roll, or fold up as well as down. Both of them can be raised for view and light and can be lowered for privacy through pull cord or spring action. Avaeksperdid blinds are the most popular and versatile type of the window treatments used in the modern homes today.

Café curtains

The café curtains are the window treatments that cover bottom half of window. Some of the most common café curtains are used in kitchen on café rod that is hung at halfway point of the window. It allows great privacy without restricting light from entering the room. Sometimes, this café curtain is accompanied by valance that can either be swag or shorter version of itself.

The fabric that is used for café curtains influences the feel of the room. Some of the light to medium weight fabrics can be best suited to this style of window treatments.

Best benefits of opting for quality window treatments

Window treatments perform many functions apart from just looking pretty. Some of the benefits you can enjoy out of them are as follows.

  • They can offer great privacy
  • Can beautifully pull together your room with its furnishings
  • Can frame stunning view
  • Can augment or even diffuse outdoor lighting
  • Can offer a casual, elegant, dramatic or subtle background
  • Can protect furnishings and floor coverings from sun
  • Can insulate against heat of the summer and cold of winter
  • Can highly influence the looks of overall home just like any other furnishings

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