Apartments and Townhomes: Which is Better?

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When it comes to cost and to live a maintenance-free way of life, people typically discover themselves choosing between a brand-new condo or a brand-new townhouse. In numerous ways, both are quite similar, so it’s hard to see what the large deal is.

Nonetheless, there are a couple of crucial distinctions, and those differences might help you make your decision. After reviewing this, you’ll have a clear concept, which is a far better option for you.

Land Ownership

When you buy a condominium, such as Condo near Rama 3 [คอนโด พระราม 3, which is the term in Thai], you possess the device itself; however, you don’t possess the land it’s on. That’s a completely suitable setup for some, but many individuals favor the sensation of owning the land beneath their feet. This is what you get when you acquire a townhome. Townhouses additionally normally come with a little front and backyard you can utilize as you see fit. You might grow a little garden or set up a patio table. If you intend to be a landowner and not just a property owner, the townhome choice is the ideal one for you.


At any time, you get a residence; you have to factor cost right into your decision. Both townhomes, as well as condos, are extremely budget-friendly contrasted to laned or front connected single-family houses. Occasionally, however, you have to do some digging to learn whether a condominium or a townhome has a lower price.

For instance, the building expense of a condo often tends to be less expensive than the structure cost of a townhome. However, in a condo, you likewise need to pay house owner organization fees. This regular monthly settlement is usually a minimum of $100, occasionally a lot more, and it covers the cost of outside repairs and maintenance to shared areas within the condo area. A lot of townhomes do not have these fees. This implies the per-month cost of having a townhouse can be much less than the per-month price of possessing an apartment.

You have to ask your contractor for a detailed estimate of all costs prior to making your choice.