Are awning windows suitable for your home?

If you are looking forward to get a new and modern window installed in your house which offers good ventilation and better security, then awning windows may be the perfect option for you.

They are commonly known as a crank window. They have a mechanism where the top is hinged and made for openings which offer more width than height. The top hinge permits the window to be opened outside offering ventilation even at the time of rain, with no rain water coming inside. They are considered to be a versatile window option, and can be used singularly or in combination with other window types by getting installed above them for a trendy approach. Below here are some of the reasons to choose awning windows as replacement windows for your home:

Amazing ventilation: Being a window with amazing strength behinds it’s built, the size of the awning window is flexible hence you can get as much ventilation and sunlight you want. As they are opened outwards rather than the side or inside, they offer to be a great source of ventilation in the house, even during hot summers or rainy days without worrying about rain getting inside.

Unobstructed view: As awning windows do not feature any bars, rails they offer a rather scenic unobstructed view of the outside. It is because of this reason that these windows are highly recommended for high placement and also as rooftop windows.

Weather efficient: As they have a top hinge and they open upward, awning windows keep the water out and can be used even in rain. Apart from rain, they also keep the other elements of nature out of the room without compromising with the ventilation and sunlight to enter in the room. No soot, leaves, saplings falling from the roof can enter your room. This is one of the reasons why awning windows are highly recommended for home which are in hot areas and require better ventilation.

Safety: Awning windows are usually safeguarded with 2-4 points which offer a sturdy structure to this long-lasting and durable window. As they don’t usually offer a lot of height and open upwards, awning windows aren’t ideal to be easily broken in. It is not possible for a normal person to enter your home through these windows, even if they are left open.

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