Authentic and Permanent: Beautiful Natural Stone

Today, more homeowners than ever are buying products made from natural stone. It is not difficult to understand why. Natural stone is a beautiful and durable material that adds individuality to a home exterior or interior. The following article will guide you through the various types of natural stone product, their advantages and particular uses.

Natural stone inside the home

Natural stone is bound to enhance a home interior. It rarely dates; drystone and marble fireplaces have been fashionable throughout centuries. Maintained properly, the material lasts and lasts. Placing stone features at points of interest throughout the house, e.g., fireplaces or wall textures, creates a unifying interior theme. House buyers take note of details such as granite kitchen counters and marble-paved bathrooms.

The beautiful exterior

Paving stones provide ease of access to your home, both practically and visually. Paving is ideal for pedestrian paths and barbecue patios, and the most popular types of stone are slate and granite. However, Indian sandstone paving is much in evidence nowadays. This stone comes in a variety of colours, including yellow and pink, and professional pavers can make beautiful patterns from the slabs.

Extravagant aggregate

Aggregate, loose stone or gravel, is often used for creating driveways. Its advantage is that it does not require the laborious paving process of stone slabs, and it can be replaced and replenished easily. Gravel footpaths surrounding a house also serve a security function. Aggregates are made from interesting stone mixes, for example, grey granite mixed with paler marble. The aggregates are made in a variety of grades, from fine through to medium and coarse.

Selecting your natural stone suppliers

Because of the durability of natural stone materials, choose your supplier with care. The best natural stone suppliers buy directly from quarries, rather than from wholesalers. This way, you will ensure the continuity of your stone supplies. For example, you can pave the front area of your house one year, as finances allow, and pave the patio at the back with identical stone, the following year. A professional natural stone supplier will hire only professional workers to take care of finishes, for example, sandblasting sawn paving, and advise you on stone maintenance.

What to remember when buying natural stone

  • Check the maintenance requirements with the supplier before buying
  • Ensure continuity of stone supply; you may wish to create a theme inside or outside of your home, over time
  • Confirm the qualifications of pavers and other installation personnel