Background Decorating For The Bathroom

When you’re looking into a background for your bathtub area, you will want to take into account what kind of bathtub or shower area you have to work with. If you have a claw-footed tub, a stone tub, or open tub, you have quite a bit of room between the tub and the wall that you can work with. This means that you can place plants or even elegant works of art around the tub. If you have an enclosed shower area, you can place such things as waterproof prints or stone on your walls.

You need to ask yourself what it is that you’re looking for by way of theme and color scheme. If you have a natural bathroom such as marble, stone, and woods, you might consider a real or faux stone background for your bath. This waterproof wall of stone can easily have a cascade shower set in place to give your bathing area a romantic waterfall feel. Peace and serenity are what it’s all about.

You’ll want to accentuate the feel of your bathroom. Adding a three-dimensional forest scape behind your bathtub, when the rest of your bathroom is updated chrome and tile, is bound to look a little odd and very much out of place. Adding that same forest scape background to a bathroom filled with natural woods and stone accents and you’ll have a bathroom that flows beautifully. Imagine soaking in a stone tub that appears to be sitting in th