Basement Renovations: Old Space, New Uses

Basement renovations are synonymous to lucrative transformation. This musty and dark damp place can be converted into a great liveable space that will boost the aesthetics of your property and increase its resale value as well. Your old basement houses precious square feet of space that you can use to unwind, socialize and entertain friends, and any other functional area of your liking. The most important step to remodelling your basement is to find a credible, experienced and trusted contractor for the job.

Fundamentals of Basement Renovations

You don’t go right away to decorating your basement when you have it remodelled. Professional renovators start with the basic and most pressing issues, which is why working with licensed remodelers is a no-brainer. There are fundamental issues that must be initially addressed before you can enjoy the redecorating and aesthetic aspects of the renovation. Basement renovation value is ensured if you address important problems such as moisture and dampness, water damage, radon, and mould and mildew infestation.

Experts in basement renovations basically identify problematic areas such as cracks and crevices that could become entry points for water and moisture. Water seepage is the main source or cause of moisture which in turn results in biological issues such as mould growth when left unaddressed over time. Professionals eliminate the problem by troubleshooting the root of the issue and utilizing standard solutions such as checking the foundation for leaks, establishing water runoff slopes to keep water away from the house and checking for wall and ceiling stains.

Other safety measures that must be given utmost importance include mould and mildew protection, radon-resistant systems, waterproofing, and proper ventilation. All these are vital works that have to be basically addressed because they provide a quality foundation for the overall result of the basement remodelling project.

New Uses for the Basement

The possibilities are endless with today’s basement renovations. Remodel your basement and transform this area into a liveable space for everyone to enjoy. There are different options for your new space such as the following:

Family Room

A creative remodelling project converts the basement into a spacious and large family room where you have your home theatre, gaming console, and other gadgets for quality bonding time with your loved ones. You can also make it a playroom if you have young children that need to have a safe and hassle-free venue to explore and enjoy.

Home Office

Transform your basement into your own personal space especially if you need a home office or workshop. This is a great place because it could be strategically isolated from the rest of the house. Keep it free from disturbances and noise through soundproofing the room. Basement remodelers have their own unique systems to make your room a fully functional and equipped home office.

Basement renovations give you plenty of new uses for such an old area of the house. Start with the basics of safety and go right ahead with your design and decoration plans. Hire a professional to boost your basement renovation value.