Bathroom Remodelling Tips and Advice

Over the years, the market has flooded with enormous amount of decor options humanly possible but though there are many of them only a few stands against time and changing trends.

So, here’s our quick list on bathroom options you could go for this remodelling season: –

Bold Prints

If you’re keen of great words and quotes or simply want your bathroom to reflect your personality, it’s easier to do so using actual words.

Decorate your bathroom using monochromes and use contrasting bold prints for that wow factor.

Be Creative

It’s easier to go with the flow and buy similar looking tiles or a ghastly variant of two or three tiles but you could create your own personal artwork by putting some thought into creating a unique artwork on your wall by just placing your tiles creatively.

Use the floor

Enough floor space allows room for a leaning picture or a floor plant to add a little oomph to your bathroom in case you don’t have any empty wall spaces.

Shelves for extra space

Adding shelves not only gives your bathroom the much-needed storage space but you can also be creative with how to decorate it and add items like scented candles, greenery etc. to add to its charm.

A bathroom with a portrait

It’s a unique idea but it lendsa sophistication to your bathroom and it’s nice to have something peaceful to look at while enjoying a good bath.

Lovely Sconces

For a vintage look to your bathroom go for stunning sconces and bold bathroom mirrors gives the bathroom a royal personality without dwindling your budget. Add a beautiful vintage-inspired wallpaper and— your bathroom is designer magazines ready!

While most of these options are common and easy to apply, do consult our specialists at Bathroom Improvements to help you sort out the heavier tasks of picking just the right thing your bathroom needs.