Being smart about home security

When it comes to home security it can be very hard keeping up with the constant changes and advances in technology. It is always a battle between the forces of good and evil, with each seemingly incredible advance on the side of the security forces, soon being worked around by burglars and bad people. So how exactly do you stay ahead of the game and ensure that your home is as secure as possible? There are plenty of smart and cost-effective ways to achieve your goal. Here are a few things that you might want to consider.

Play the long game

As much as home invaders are all about the smash and grab, they are also about convenience and peace of mind.  In short, they want to try and gain maximum benefit while exposing themselves to minimum risk. And in this regard, they want to ensure that they are not going to end up in jail too quickly. So, while it might not seem like there are immediate benefits from camera monitoring you might be quite surprised. A quick online search for something like ‘CCTV cameras Dandenong’ will give you the names of local installers. Call them for a chat and to hear some of their success stories. The last thing that any criminal wants is to be identified after a seemingly successful raid. And make it obvious that your home is protected by closed-circuit television by posting signs to announce the fact – that will certainly get them thinking twice about any breaking and entering.

Sometimes old is better

Burglars like to try and control the environment they enter. In that regard, they thrive on predictability and know quantities. Things like electric fences or burglar bars might be barriers to entry, but they will have seen them before and know what to expect. In short, an experienced burglar will know how to overcome these sorts of barriers. But a thorny hedge is something far less easy to control. In fact, trying to negotiate a thicket of thorns or a yard full of dogs, is simply not worth it for most criminals. They will simply move along to the next house where the variables are easier to control.

Motion sensors

This technology has been around for a while now, but it is still highly effective. While it is far from infallible if it is activated there are very few burglars who will be brave, or stupid enough, to try and enter a house while there is already an alarm going off.

Light and sight

No burglar wants to be seen and the two best ways to ensure that he is taken out of his comfort zone are to make the front of your real estate visible to the street. A low fence or palisade is a whole lot more effective than a high wall that completely obscures what is going on behind it. Throw in lights that are activated by movement and you have created a very unnerving environment for anybody who is not meant to be there.