When we talk about blinds, the most widely used one is honey comb shaded blind and to know how good it is, here we will see it’s pro and cons.

(i) Honeycomb shades offer privacy, light control and insulation for the windows, but are they really that much useful? As we know the best feature of honeycomb shade is the insulation that they add to the window. The open channel traps all the hot air in the summer and cold winds in winters. So, one should insulate the room by covering it with duette blinds.

(ii)Honeycomb shades offer absolute privacy unless one goes for sheer shade of it.

(iii) Controlling the light is another important feature of it, you get a lot of options to choose from like sheer shade to opaque one, and your room can be lightened up and can become very dark at the times too.

(iv)They even offer cordless one also which is motorized version of it.This is very useful when dealing with the child safety,because children can damage the chord making the blinds useless.

(v) The ability to disappear is what adds the icing on the cake,the small stack which is there candisappear behind anything that you have in front of it like behind any type of decoration.

(vi)Honeycomb shades are also available in many of the shades which make them an open offer to choose from.

(vii) They may not be the very fashionable but they are affordable and durable as they don’t need much of maintenance

(viii) They can be fitted in any house because of their simple and sleek look and they are very useful

(ix) While they may not be perfect for every room but they are great choice for at least one room in every house.