Buy Or Rent Property

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Whether rent or purchase – this question cannot be answered purely economically. Because the personal and individual circumstances of each individual also have a significant influence on the final decision. Whether single or married, whether with or without children, whether connected to a location or flexible in location, whether in a fixed, regulated employment relationship or independently: There are some factors to consider for each individual, which when answering the question “Buy or rent a property?” to play an important role.

Invest Available Capital As Profitably As Possible

All considerations on the question “Buy or rent real estate?” Have a common background: everyone wants to invest their available capital as profitably as possible . Since the financing of a property or the monthly transfer of rent is one of the largest, most regular investments in life for most people, questions automatically arise at some point, such as: “Is it worth buying a property?” Duration cheaper or more expensive? “” Is my money better saved by buying a property or paying rent ? “

Buy Or Rent? The Arguments Of Buyers And Tenants

Real estate owners and tenants – both groups are happy to point out the respective advantages. The owner lives in the self-image of building up a fortune with every monthly loan installment in the context of real estate financing . As a counter-argument, the tenant provides that he pays for the use and wear and tear of the rental property in full with each month’s rent and therefore does not have to worry about costly damage and repairs . Because this is the sole responsibility of the landlord or the owner.

The other way around, in Condo near Rattanathibet (คอนโด รัตนาธิเบศร์  which is the term in Thai) the owner also has to bear very high costs for the maintenance of his property – often also costs for repairing damage that suddenly occurs and is difficult to calculate in advance. The tenant, on the other hand, pays his monthly rent without any investment benefit and is often exposed to rising rents and the lack of repairs.

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