Can a poorly installed roof affect your home?

The roofing of any home is a must to maintain on a frequent basis. Many homeowners prefer to do this on their own but are unable to get the right result. Hiring a reliable company is the best idea to clean, maintain or repair the roof. Here, we want to mention that poorly installed roofing can lead to some serious problems that can haunt you for many years. Hence, it becomes very significant that the roofing company you are contacting for repair replacements and cleaning must be trustable. Even if you are using the best materials for the roofing, if it is not installed properly it might cause air leaks, water leaks, and also removal of shingles. 

Now, it becomes very important for you to read the warning signs related to proper installation of roof and call Guardian Home. 

  • Wrong nail usage

Proper usage of nails is very important for the functioning of the roof. The improperly inserted nails hold the shingles to do their work. Otherwise, they will fly in the wind. 

  • Unfitted flashing

Flashing is a kind of metal used in the joint of the roof. It works by protecting the chimney and other areas from water pondering and leakage. 

  • Unfitted shingle placement

Shingles cannot be placed just like this. There is an art of placing them correctly. if you don’t execute this properly, then get ready to welcome the unwanted problems. 

  • Inappropriate gutter installation

Like any other problem, improper gutter installation can result in the transport of water that cannot be handled. Before, it gets too late call us for an inspection today 

The final words

When you are willing to do some home repair, it is always suggested to hire professionals and reputed companies. In your search, make sure that the company you are selecting is efficient in doing its job correctly. A company with a bad history will not be able to do its work appropriately. 

Guardian Home is a preferred company by many customers because the professionals working with it are experts in roof replacement, repairing, and re-roofing.