Cheap home remodeling ideas

To help you be productive and effective, I’ve pulled out some of the best and most interesting cheap home remodeling ideas I could find. This list has it all, from styling your bedroom, improving kitchen and bathroom, to creating a stunning living room atmosphere. With a little effort, you’ll not only impress your guest but make your home more pleasant for life. Pull your sleeves up and get ready to work!

colorful pillows

Soft pillows with intricate patterns are just what you need for your bed

Classy bedroom closet door

Imagine having a beautiful closet in your bedroom, just like from a fairy tale. A simple makeover can create a fantastic effect. Paint the frame to make a nice contrast with the bedroom walls. Also, some cheap, hollow doors will give it a stylish look. For the crown jewel of this project, find some ornate hinges to match the style. Furthermore, add an elegant bedside lamp, and the bedroom will look fresh and new!

Use crown molding to add elegance

It is only natural to use a company like if looking for the best possible place for relocation. The name says it all. However, no matter how good your house is, most of them have a small, unnoticeable flaw. If you look at any room in your place, they all resemble a box. Change that shape by adding crown molding. It won’t cost much, but the effect will amaze you. A small detail like this can easily be overlooked, but give it a try and see the results.

Ornate crown molding

Ornate crown molding will change the entire look of your rooms

Fantastic bathroom ideas

Remodeling bathroom on a budget is not always easy. Nevertheless, if you keep it simple, you’ll achieve the desired effect. For example, simple, classy handles on your cabinet can make a difference. Wood, by itself, always looks beautiful. Paint it in a dark color, and install white handles for high contrast.

However, if you have plastic cabinets, you can always buy colorful sticky sheets to tape over the surface. In just a few moments, you’ll have a whole new cabinet.


Matching sets of towels and carpets in the bathroom leave a whole other impression. Furthermore, a perfect place for holding towels can be a rustic wooden shelf on the wall. All that it takes is some planning and a few crafty hands to complete this project. 

colorful towels

Colorful towels will brighten up your bathroom


What do you think about having a tub made out of stone bricks? Don’t worry; you won’t have to hire construction workers and make a mess out of your bathroom. Search online for air stones, a soft substitute that looks like a brick wall. Adding these to the outer wall of your bathtub will create a fantastic effect. Besides, they are also useful for your garden, or even the living room.


If you replace your old flooring with vinyl tiles, the entire bathroom will brighten up. With some money and a few hours of work, give your bathroom a whole new look. Furthermore, try to match the colors with your walls and cabinets. For example, clean white or bright blue are relaxing for the eyes.

Kitchen with class

Finding cheap home remodeling ideas for your kitchen will genuinely make a difference. As someone who likes to cook, I appreciate a functional kitchen when I see it. However, there are many mistakes you should avoid when remodeling the kitchen. To play it safe, there are a few things you can do. First, every kitchen needs a working space. If you have enough room, make an island in the center of it. It pays out to spend some cash and invest in a quality working surface

Nevertheless, if you don’t have enough space in your kitchen, try to get rid of unnecessary utensils. Less is more, and you’ll be amazed by the change if you declutter your kitchen. Don’t buy expensive kitchenware that you’ll use once a month.

Next, change the door on your china cabinet. If they are made out of solid material, like a wooden or a plastic panel, remove them and install a glass one. A simple wooden frame with glass will make your cabinet look expensive. It will also be useful since you can see through it.

How to open space in the living room

A friend of mine lives in a beautiful house in Sarasota, Florida. This guy makes a living out of staging houses for sale, and Sarasota truly has beautiful houses. Having an open spaced living room adds more value than anything you can buy and place inside.

A living room with open space, wooden table and an exit to a terrace

Having a room with a lot of open space adds a lot to its value

Rearrange your furniture to make more space in the center. Next, you can always add heavy drapes on the windows. Another important piece you must have in your living room is a mirror on the wall. It will open up space. Also, add a few stylish lamps and a nice looking carpet, and you’ll feel like in a new house. If you ever consider moving to Sarasota, you’ll see what I’m talking about!

A few simple ideas and a brand new look

As you can see, cheap home remodeling ideas can change the entire place in no time. Decide on a budget per each room, and work on the priorities first. Bathroom, kitchen, living room and bedroom should be first on the list. Nevertheless, work on other rooms as well. In conclusion, for under a $1000 your house will look like out of a catalog. Give it a personal feel and arrange it the way you want it!