Choosing a Reliable Foundation Repair Service

The foundation is probably the most important aspect of any building, particularly since it supports the entire structure. Foundation-related issues can, therefore, put you in a bad situation. As bad as it may seem, picking the wrong foundation repair in Fort Worth or choosing not to address the problem can only make things worse. On the other hand, timely repairs provided by a reliable company can be a permanent solution. When looking for a foundation repair service, you’ll have some options since there are usually several competitors in any given geographical market. To help you select the most reliable one, here are four things to look for in a contractor.

1. Years in business

Start by looking at how long the company has been providing foundation repair services to your local community. Paying attention to the number of years any contractor has been in business is important in determining whether they are experienced and reputable.

Experience: The longer one has been providing a service, the more skilled and knowledgeable he/she becomes in that niche. In most cases, companies with 15 years of experience in any given field will know more about that particular area of service than those with three years of experience.

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Reputation: You can tell whether a company is reputable by looking at how long it has been serving the same locality. When it comes to the companies they engage, many communities are surprisingly close-knit. As a result, companies that have a shoddy reputation will run out of business long before they can establish successful careers. While we cannot tell you the exact number of years of service to look for, we recommend at least 10 years in business. In this way, you’re sure the service provider has withstood the test of time.

2. Warranties

Warranties can tell homeowners a lot about a company. However, a warranty is only good if the service provider stands behind it. Most companies prefer not to go back to a job site unless they’re getting paid for the job. As such, some of them will throw in loopholes that make it difficult to have them come back to fix the problem. Find out whether the company has ever followed through on a warranty. A long list of warranty-related issues means the company rarely does satisfactory work the first time around. Companies that don’t keep their word will have no history of returning to fix warranty-related issues. A service that points out a few instances over a period of many years is probably the best choice.

3. Licenses and insurance

Ask for the company’s licenses and insurance before you commit yourself. As a thoroughgoing process, foundation repair can result in significant damage if the work is not performed properly. Working with a company that has the appropriate coverage is therefore important. Check to confirm the insurance certificate came directly from the company’s insurer. Some contractors will present copies of old, cancelled policies to prospective clients.

4. Referrals and testimonials

You should be cautious when asking for referrals and testimonials. You’ll want to check every referral presented to you, especially since it’s easy for contractors to come up with a strong and convincing list of referrals. Remember, personal referrals are the best. Checking online ratings and reviews is also advisable.


Even though you probably don’t understand the intricate details of how the job is done, it helps to ask questions. Find out how and when the job should be completed as well as how much it will cost. Also, getting a written estimate can help ensure the project stays within budget.