Clearabee Lands Co-op Deal on Bulky Rubbish Removal

The Clearabee rubbish removal business has been awarded a multimillion worth of contract to provide services that involve the removal of reactive wastes. The three-year contract will see to it that they will handle all the Co-op’s unplanned wastes from their funeral care and the retail businesses across the country.

What services are outlined out for Co-op in the three-year contract?

Removal of the bulky wastes

The Co-op Company has more than 2,500 retail shops and more than 1,000 funeral homes that are distributed nationwide. Therefore they need proper on-demand bulky waste removal and management. That’s where the Clearabee comes in to deliver their best services of rubbish removal. This is actually one of the services the company signed with Co-op in the contract.

The magnitude of the deal means that this is the biggest contract ever signed by Clearabee from one company. Therefore they have come up with a dedicated team of more than 250 in-house members and an estimated over 100 fleets of vehicles that will be used in this particular job.

The amount of waste that Clearabee will handle per year using the named team is estimated to be over 5,000 waste collections.

You might be wondering why Co-op would choose Clearabee. Here is why.

The Clearabee has been the best, largest and the most consistent company in the van style and in-house rubbish removal business since 2012. Their quality services are offered nationwide. They also give the best services to their clients through loyalty scheme and many other innovative schemes.

All this and much more services that Clearabee offers makes them stand out among other companies. It was an easy choice for the Co-op to make when deciding on to whom they will partner within the rubbish removal services.

What do Clearabee and Co-op think about the deal? The coop and the Clearabee had a lot to suggest on the contract deal. Here is what the top officials’ thoughts on the deal.

Capturing the retail companies

Daniel Long, the founder of and managing director of the Clearabee Company believes that the deal demonstrates the ability of the company to serve major retail businesses countrywide and that the reason they got the contract is due to their innovative approach in handling wastes all over the country.

Daniel further adds that they are capable of responding rapidly and efficiently towards any requests on the removal of unplanned rubbish and at a cut cost.

Co-op take on Clearabee

On the other hand, the Co-op representative was quick to praise the partnership. Abbie Case, a senior contractor manager in the Co-op Company believes that a partnership with Clearabee is worth the effort in that the rubbish removal company has demonstrated over the past 6 years that they are the best innovative and dynamic company in the business.

Abbie adds that the quality services and the rapidly responsive team in Clearabee are capable of providing a long-term solution to their waste problems and therefore look forward to working together.

What the deal means

It is no secret that the magnitude of the deal portrays the quality of services that the company can offer. A company such as Co-op, a big brand that is renowned nationwide can only work with organisations such as Clearabee which can be relied on to deliver efficiently. On the other hand Clearabee, which is rated #70 by the FT1000 as among the top 1000 fastest growing company across Europe nations, has gone much further to demonstrate their capabilities and reliability by delivering services at the exact time and scale that they are needed.