Combine Teak Dinning Chairs with Steel Table

Using steel table as the dining table might be looked simple. Some people use steel table because it cost lot cheaper. It is also easy to move around and easy to clean after using. Combine this steel dining table with Teak Dinning Chairs might be good idea. It is because steel table is simple, while chair made of teak will give natural look and you could choose the chair with decoration or ornament, so that it will decorate your simple dining table too. Furthermore, it will make your dining room is no more empty but look more classic.

Choosing Teak Dinning Chairs as the combination with steel dining table will liven the atmosphere in your dining room. You could adjust the shape of the chair which is suitable with steel dining table. Most of steel dining table had the long or rectangle shape. Using the square teak chair will be good for the combination, because the round shape might not adjust to the rectangle shape of the table. You could choose the chair which has the backrest or without it. Chair with backrest sometimes the extra ornament or decoration within.

After practicing it and you still think that the combination between steel table and Teak Dinning Chairs is still make the dining table look very simple and empty, you could add some other decorations on the table. It is like placing the vase on it, or hanging lamp above it. Teak chair is indeed easy to combine with other furniture. It is not only could adjust to dining table or kitchen equipment, but teak chair could also adjust to other furniture like for terrace chair set, outdoor chair set, or even family room for the more idea you can see catalog from Indonesian furniture. Teak chair could be purchased in some furniture stores, or to save some, you could make it by yourself.