Commercial Spot Coolers For Your Business

Summer is usually more about outdoor activities than indoors. Such include dining, concerts and other kinds of fun. However, this comes at a price that can have an adverse impact on your business. Humidity, bugs and the immense heat might send your clients scampering for indoor cosines in case you do not have a portable air conditioner or spot cooler. This could mean a loss of revenue for your company.

What’s more, some people have various health conditions that make them vulnerable to high temperatures. Others such as those with asthma, respiratory issues or allergies, can be affected by highly humid environments. Therefore, installing portable air conditioners in the outdoor areas of your premises can enable those with health conditions- or those who do not like sweltering heat- gain comfort in the outdoors.

Your personnel also need relief from the heat as well. As the front end of your enterprise is working to ensure the comfort of your customers, behind-the-scenes places- such as the factory, kitchen, or the server room- can as well benefit from movable air conditioners.

Various electronic machinery produces a lot of heat during operation. More so, computer server rooms are highly susceptible to numerous problems that arise from excessive heat. These might range from reduced performance, crashes, forced thermal shutdowns, or even damage. In case you do not have enough cooling capacity, your systems will suffer from overheating.

Even though you have the option of installing air conditioning systems that serve the entire building, this might significantly increase your utility bill. As such buying and operating spot coolers might just be the way to go.

What kinds of businesses require portable air conditioners?

Spot coolers are a type of mobile air conditioner that provides ideal outdoor conditions for entertainment or dining venues. These machines can be located anywhere as per your needs in order to lower the temperature, reduce humidity and keep the bugs at bay. The following are some businesses that can benefit from such coolers.

  • Restaurants
  • Drive-in movie theaters
  • Bars
  • Roadside food stands
  • Open-air markets

Since commercial spot coolers make outdoor environments cozier, they are a good investment that could rake in more revenue especially during summer.

Factors to consider while choosing a spot cooler

There are numerous models of portable air conditioners available in the market today. These range from wall-mounted and ceiling air conditioners to those on wheels. Whereas it is a good thing to have options, such a situation can make it difficult to pick the right item. The following are some factors to consider while selecting the most appropriate spot cooler for your business:

Square footage

Compute the square footage of the location to be cooled in addition to the approximate number of people you anticipate in that area at a go. Body heat is a factor that can quickly raise a room’s temperature. The more people you expect, the higher the cooling capacity of your spot cooler should be.


This goes without saying- regulating indoor temperatures is a lot easier than outdoor temperatures. In case you are having an outdoor event that requires cooling, you might require extra capacity than when trying to lower the temperature of an indoor venue.


The notion that bigger is better is usually a fallacy. Whereas you need the adequate capacity to deal with the heat- outdoors or indoors- it is not necessary to make an overkill. commercial spot coolers come with capacity ratings in BTUs per hour. What’s more, you can get documentation on a machine’s efficiency per square footage of both indoor and outdoor spaces. Using this data, you can calculate what size you require based on your space.

In case you still have additional questions about the use of commercial spot coolers, you can talk to an indoor environmental service professional about your particular requirements.