Composting problem and how to fix problems?

Every gardener knows composting is an essential process which promotes health of garden and its sustainability. Compost is being used for soil amendments but it is very costly, when purchased seasonally. Composting is a natural process that takes place in your backyard as it just happens in every forest.

While making pile, many compost problems may arise.

Problems of Composting and solutions to fix them

Here are some compost problems and methods to solve them:

Odor                                                                                                                                                                                     The smell of a compost piles is the indication of something wrong happening with the compost. Either the smell is of rot or it is of ammonia. Can easily be diagnosed and treated.

  1. The compost pile smells like rotten eggs or rotten vegetables.               Causes: This rotten smell is caused when anaerobic condition is established, it means that there is plenty in amount of oxygen for microbes which uses oxygen for their growth and anaerobic microbes have dominated them and hydrogen sulfide is produced as by-product. The smell is due to the hydrogen sulfide.

Solution: Turn your pile on the palette.

  1. The piles of compost smell same as ammonia because compost produces nitrogen in the form of ammonia.

Cause: Due to the use of high-nitrogen products.                                                                                                                                            Solution: Turn the pile or spread it so that excess amount of ammonia get vaporizes.

Lack of micro-organisms                                                                                                                                         Causes: Piles don’t get enough nutrients to decay.                                                                                          Solution: Add microorganism directly or fresh compost or soil.

Lack of moisture                                                                                                                                                         Cause: Loss of water or compost is not getting enough water.                                                                            Solution: Add water timely.

There are also many products available in order to get rid of these compost problems such as:

  • Mosquito dunks (kills mosquitoes larvae),
  • coco fibers,
  • alfalfa meal (organic),
  • compost starter (speed up the decomposition of raw organic materials),
  • blood meal (strong source of slow release , organic nitrogen for all types of plants)