Cost of building a Calgary garage

The garage serves as storage for your vehicle and other equipment, garden tools, and everything else you don’t want to keep inside your home. But, while garages are specifically useful got your home, building a garage requires a lot of thought and consideration. And a major thought here is how much it costs to build a garage?

Every garage project is unique. However, you can find out the typical cost of building a garage. Several factors also affect the final cost. However, read on to know how to prepare a budget to build a garage:

Size is important

The pricing depends on how big you want your garage to be. After all, a single-car garage will be smaller than a two-car garage. Hence, to calculate the price of building a garage, you should first decide the size of your garage. 

Single car garage

Usually, one vehicle garage has a dimension of 240 sq. ft. The attached garage may cost $9800, while a detached garage may cost $17000.

Two car garage

A two-car garage usually has a dimension of $400 sq. ft. Building an attached garage may cost $15000, while a detached garage maybe $29000.

If you need additional space for storage or workspace, the area may increase, making the cost rise.

Factors that impact garage cost

Apart from the garage size, other factors also affect your budget. Including several features or choosing different resources can impact the price significantly.

  • Foundation: Because Alberta suffers from harsh winters, you need a simple concrete slab for your garage foundation. Hence, make sure you have a good foundation beneath.
  • Windows: The average cost of developing a garage window is $300, and a skylight is $125. They are included in the aggregate cost.
  • Siding: There are different pricing per square foot for siding depending on your chosen material. A vinyl may cost $4 per sq. ft., while a Hardie board may cost $10 per sq. ft.
  • Roofing: The cost of roofing depends on the material you have chosen. While an asphalt roof can cost around $100 per square, tile roofing is priced at $900 per square.
  • Electrical connection: You need basic electricity wiring for your garage. Hence, it is important to calculate the electrical wiring cost. A small garage may involve a $1000 cost for electrical wiring.
  • The door: A garage door’s price and installation charges for a one-vehicle garage maybe $1000 to $1500.
  • Plumbing expenses: Adding a utility sink to your garage may cost you around $300.
  • Inside walls finishing: Though all garages don’t need to have finished interiors, they add security for vehicles and increase the energy efficiency of the place.

Converting it into a suite

If you want a portion of your garage converted into a living area, you need to pay additionally for the amenities and services you want to include.

Consult the best garage builders Calgary to get a quote from them for the type of garage you are looking for. Do a comparative study and pick the one that’s best for you. Do not compromise on the quality!