Daily Maintenance Of Automatic Doors: How This Process Increases Durability

One of the main questions for those who install an automatic door in their business or residence is: what should I do so that the product’s shelf life is longer? The secret is simple, it is in the daily maintenance of automatic doors, how it is made and what products are used.

In order for them to keep working in the most perfect order, safely, without causing failures and damages, daily maintenance can be done by cleaning or checking the state of conservation of the machine’s parts. These items already increase the durability of the door in considerable time. 

To better explain the process of daily maintenance of automatic doors, we have separated tips. See which ones are next! 

Top Tips For Daily Maintenance Of Automatic Doors 

Cleaning The Windows 

One of the first steps to increase the machine’s durability is cleaning the windows. This process of daily maintenance of automatic garage door may not seem important, but it makes all the difference when it is done with the right product and in the right way. In the case, for example, of glass, its cleaning must be carried out with water, soap or a specific product. 

With the help of a cloth, remove all dirt from the glass. However, pay attention to chemicals, many of them can damage the glass, affecting the silicone of the glass frame, causing cracks, scratches and even automatic doors stop working. 

Accessories Check 

Automatic doors have several accessories that help to compose their design, good functioning and safety. Photocell, security lock and motion radar are some of them. Therefore, to increase its durability it is also necessary to take care of these items. Cleaning and checking the state of conservation of the parts already help in the daily maintenance of automatic doors. 

Remembering that as well as cleaning the windows, in accessories it is necessary to use special products. In the case of parts conservation, whenever there is a lot of wear and tear, it is essential to exchange the product for a new one (always original parts) to keep the doors working normally in the company or residence.