Décor Tips for Home Office

For some of us, the daily regular routine of commuting to the office and responsibilities often spill over in our home life as well. Be it weekends or weekdays, the work never stops. Few of us have business set up at their home itself. Such reasons create a need for home office space. The home office is designated area for running your business, some occasional telecommute, or simply quiet space to pay bills and organize the schedule. You definitely deserve more than a metallic desk and a spare chair stuffed in a corner. A home office is an area which reflects the comfort, design and decor of the rest of your house. Moreover, it is a place where you have to work for long and burn the midnight oil. Here are few decor tips to create a charming and much practical work space.

Let There Be Light

Natural light brings freshness in any space. An office definitely needs freshness all the time. The window treatment in the office should be such that the area has good amount of light to reduce eye strain and frequent headaches. If you are lucky to have a window with a sunny view, it’s an amazing idea to set your desk nearby. Make sure that there are no distractions facing your desk. You may also position the computer system in a way that there is no glare coming from a window or any overhead light.

Where to Set Up?

In a home office, you will be likely to spend many hours a day. So don’t be hard on yourself while deciding on the space. Don’t squish your desk in a window less room which hardly fits in 3 people. You might have to consider some traffic flow in the area and it should be able to cope up with some distractions. Decide on how do you like your office space to be? In middle of house activities to engage yourself with other people as well or be tucked away in an undisturbed space where you can focus better. Consider the possibility of clients stopping by your office. You would need a bit private space with good seating plan.

Walls Need Care

Custom wainscoting designs is generally done with wooden panels which get installed in a pattern along the lower part of a wall. It can be topped with a chair rail. The walls take lot of beating because furniture and chairs banging on them. Wainscoting is a good solution to avoid any scuffs on the walls. The popular wainscoting designs are board and batten panelling, raised or flat panels and breadboard styles. You may choose any style that suits the rest of the room décor. If you are going with high wainscoting which extends roughly two-third of the wall, it can be finished with plate rail moldings which give a groove to display paintings and pictures. ModelhomeMakeover.ca offers home remodeling OKC services in Toronto and can cover all interior design needs in a professional way.

Gel it up!

The office furniture- desk, shelves, and storage pieces should be functional and beautiful at the same time. Take an idea of the available space and your needs before investing in office furniture. Home office furniture should go along and complement rest of the rooms. It should not look like a left out or an entirely different corner giving a soulless vibe. If the house has a traditional style décor, wooden soft comfortable chairs are more suitable options. A contemporary décor home can surely have some artistic or statement pieces and modern style furniture.

Invest In a Good Chair

Sitting for hours could be tough on your body. Invest in a beautiful, ergonomically-perfect, comfortable seat. This spend is worth every dime.

Accessorize It Well

Whether you are going for a contemporary decor, choose the office accessories that enhance the comfort feel of the home office. For example, find good coffee mugs, pencil and pen holder, trendy sticky notes or notepads and a good looking decorative basket for waste. If you are planning for a bulletin board, use a nice fabric. You may hang some inspirational quote and prints framed on the walls. Some people get their kids’ artwork framed or buy a classic painting.

Wind Up The Clutter

There is nothing much you can do to accessorize and improve the looks of your computer system, phone or printers. But you can definitely work on hiding the hideous cords. To start, make sure that the equipment is pretty close to power outlets and plugs are easily accessible. Tame the jungle of cords with winders, a wire organizer or tubing. Few of these can be attached to your desk and cords can be lifted off the floor.

Working from home could be fun. Great vibes and atmosphere around you which help you to focus and make feel better. Give yourself a good view. Choose your favourite colors and boost up the energy levels. We hope our styling tips and ideas help you create an inspiring home office. All the best!