Decorating your home in style

Home is the place where you welcome your guest and visitors. When you welcome your guest then you also wish to show them your style. This could be best done by decorating your room which is intended to welcome the guest. You can do this by decorating the custom media wall which is to show the style and elegance to your guest.

What is media wall?

Media wall is the focal point of all attraction of the home. You set trendy design and architectural marvel to give a magnificent look to the wall. You can choose a variety of designs, texture and color to decorate it and welcome the visitors and guests in a style of your own.

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How to get the best media wall?

  • You can use shelves and storage cabinets for dual purposes. They can be used to display decorative pieces and to keep the accessories which in used in the room, but gives a better look to the room if you could provide space to keep them. This space could be provided by the cabinets.
  • You can use reclaimed wood as crop to be used in decorating your wall, and give a rustic as well as modern look to your wall. A concrete fire place adds warmth to your media wall.
  • You can create your statement by adding mirror cabinet to the media wall and give a high end finish and style of your; printed on the wall.
  • You can use scones above you shelves to highlight the decorative pieces kept in the shelves. This also keeps your T.V. cabinet in focus. These lights also add on to the beauty of the wall.
  • You can use dark colors as contrast to give a new style to the wall. You can use dark colors on the door of the shelves, which would provide extra space for storage purposes.