Different Types of Vacuum Cleaners That You Can Choose From

Vacuum cleaners have become one of the most important gadgets that people use on a daily basis to keep their homes clean. Whether it’s cleaning underthe furniture, carpet, or the stairs vacuum cleaners make the job easier and hassle free for the users. There are vacuum cleaners available for various purposes, like vacuum cleaners for rooms, vacuums for stairs, vacuums for stairs, vacuums for carpets, and various other things.

Shopping for a vacuum cleaner is not an easy thing since they come in various shapes, sizes, prices, and functionalities. Generally, people tend to buy the vacuum cleaners without considering anything and end up buying a vacuum that doesn’t fulfill their needs. This is why it’s recommended that you choose theright kind of vacuum cleaner that addresses your cleaning needs.

Here are some of the types of the vacuum cleaners that you can choose from to make sure that you buy the perfect one for your needs:

Handheld vacuums

These vacuum cleaners are the best to reach the tight areas and the areas that are hard to reach that desperately needs cleaning. The handheld vacuum cleaners are small, sturdy, light weight, and portable devices that can be used everywhere. These are known as the best vacuums for stairs since they are few of the vacuums that can be used to clean stairs.

As the name suggests the handheld vacuum cleaners can be held in a single hand which makes it easy for the users to move it anywhere they want. The device is very versatile and can be effective in sucking up the dirt and debris from tight corners. However, these vacuums might not serve well for cleaning the floor as it could take much time.

Canister vacuums

These vacuums come in between the upright vacuum cleaner models and the stick model. The canister vacuums are powerful like the upright vacuum cleaners, but they also sport a lean frame, like the stick vacuum cleaners. These vacuums come with a canister separately attached to them, which makes them ideal to clean carpets and floors.However, given its versatility and multi-functional design, the vacuum cleaner costs a little more than others.

Upright vacuums

These vacuums are perhaps the most commonly used cleaners that people use. It’s a traditional vacuum cleaner that provides the most powerful cleaning solution for your house. The upright vacuum is very easy to use and it comes with a number of accessories that can be used to reach areas where the cleaner itself wouldn’t reach. These vacuums can be used for carpeted areas as well as bare floors.

Stick vacuums

This is probably the least powerful of all the vacuum cleaners available in the market today. However these cleaners are very good to reach into narrow places and it also does a tremendous job on rugs, hardwood floors, and light carpeting areas.  The stick vacuums feature a handle that resembles a stick, which makes it perfect to tuck into any corner no matter how narrow they are to clean them.