Easy DIY Ideas to Make Old Furniture Look New and Better

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You do not have to buy new furniture to bring life back to your room. When doing a makeover, there are tips and tricks that you can do at home to update existing pieces to suit your style better. 


Give Your Furniture a Fresh New Look


This is the easiest project to complete. You can paint in a different color, and it will completely transform anything to however you want it to look. This project would not cost much. Regardless of the size or number of pieces of furniture you want to paint, you likely will only need a small bucket to complete the work. You can choose any color you want but, right now, warm and muted tones are on-trend. Try a soft green or terracotta and make your shelves stand out from the rest of the room. 


Another option is to use wallpaper. You can add it to the interior and/or exterior of bookshelves, the surface of the table, or as lining to cabinets. It is surprisingly easy to stick to any furniture you want. Moreover, you can choose any design you want, depending on the vibe you are going for. To make it last longer, apply a coat of decoupage medium over it to seal it. 


Keep the Wood Bare


If bright colors and bold patterns are not your thing, instead of covering your furniture, strip it and expose the wood underneath. For 2020, the modern look is out. People want their home to look retro or vintage. People are also more partial to pieces that look natural and raw. 


Not going to lie, the process will not be as easy. Stripping furniture of layers of color is labor-intensive. It will take time, but the results will be worth it. 


To remove paint, get a paint stripper. You can find those in hardware stores. If you do not have one already, get a paint scraper and sandpaper as well. 


Wear gloves when you apply the paint stripper. Leave the solution on the furniture for several hours or overnight. Then, when the paint stripper has done its work, start scraping. 


Once the wood has been unveiled, apply a sealer to prevent damages. 


Install New Handles


Sometimes, a small change makes a huge difference. 


If you are tired of your cabinets, you do not have to toss the whole thing out and buy a new one. You may like it better once you get handles that suit your style better. 


You can get new cabinet handles anywhere they sell furniture and home goods. Try it out and see how it transforms your old furniture. 


Give it a New Purpose


Old suitcases stacked together can make a fun bedside table. The wooden ladder that your family no longer uses can either be a bookshelf or a clothes rack. Even weathered window panes and shutters can be used as hanging storage. 


You only need to use your imagination (and maybe a bit of inspiration from Pinterest and YouTube) to see your old furniture as new decor pieces. Do not be afraid to experiment. Even when you make a mistake, you are using old furniture that otherwise will be tossed. 


Home makeovers do not have to be drastic nor expensive. A few changes here and there can completely transform a room in an instant. 

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