Effective Rat Removal Services and Prevention

It’s tempting to think that rats are a cunning species and that they have a rather inconvenient loathing of humans. Certainly, when your business premises or domestic property suffers from a rat infestation there is very little that can remove the suspicion that they know how much you detest them and that they scurry around to taunt you.

Rats can gnaw through a myriad of materials, from timber to wiring and they only need a small aperture to gain access to premises. Although rats are a serious issue in the UK, there are over 15 million of them, with rat removal services from outstanding pest control Hampshire and Berkshire firms including Pest Control Berkshire, you can reclaim your property and power.

Getting rid of rats is a task that should be entrusted to professionals. The array of over the counter treatments is growing less effective as rats have become accustomed to them and have evolved so that they can eat the product without any ill effects. These rats are called super-rats and whilst they are not the stuff of nightmares, they do demand expertise which the staff at your local DIY store simply can’t offer.

Pest control firms are staffed by professionally qualified and accredited people who are licensed to use treatments which are not available in the public domain.

They also have a comprehensive understanding of how a rat’s mind works which makes their rat removal services far more effective and efficient compared to DIY methods. Don’t waste time or money on inadequate treatments.

If you broke your leg you would never consider dabbing it with ointment so why try getting rid of rats without taking professional advice?

Experts carry out rat removal services and advise on preventative measures so that clients are less likely to find themselves in the same position in the future.

Preventative measures:

  • Repair damaged roof tiles and fill in any cracks with roofing cement.
  • The overhang of roofs offer perfect shelter for nests. Check regularly.
  • Mesh airbrick ventilation covers provide an effective barrier.
  • Install a fly screen to prevent rats from climbing in.
  • Keep work surfaces clean and free from spills and crumbs.
  • Store food in airtight containers.
  • Don’t leave pet food out when temperatures are high.
  • Do not overfill bins.
  • Store items in plastic boxes not cardboard, pest controllers know rats use this for food and nesting purposes.
  • Seal entrances and windows to your property.
  • Rats and mice love birdfeeders. Relocate them.
  • Keep compost in a container with a tight lid that rats won’t be able to wander in to.
  • Look around for nests in the undergrowth and in trees.
  • Check the corners of your property, shed and garage for nests.
  • Keep logs away from your property, elevated preferably.

Pest control Hampshire experts tackle getting rid of rats every day, trust in their resources and experience. They’re a phone call away, so is peace of mind.