Elegant Italian home décor ideas

By Blake Lockwood, Interior Designer at Decor Snob

Ahh, there is nothing quite as interesting and marvelous as Italian home décor. In Italy, art is everywhere – especially in their homes. And using Italian-inspired elegant home decorations is basically using authentic Italian art and pieces that mean style, beauty and grace.

For someone new to Italian art, how do you actually recognize authentic Italian pieces from scams? If you were out looking for Italian art and home décor pieces, you would be immediately swarmed with scammers looking for an opportunity to fool you, therefore you should never take risks and always keep in mind the following:

There is nothing embarrassing about being new to choosing fine art but in this case it is unforgivable if you were to be scammed of your hard-earned cash! Your first tip is to learn about Italian fine art before you make a purchase. Understand the techniques used and recognize the different masters. Once you have built up a suitable background knowledge, it is time to consult an expert or an appraiser. You will be able to expand your knowledge in Italian art by searching online, joining social media sites and online auction sites and by checking out art online too.

An appraiser will be able to help you with buying art. Although an appraiser is expensive to hire, this is your best bet for finding the best pieces through an actual seller. You will be able to take part in art auctions, buy second hand pieces safely and to learn how to buy locally and online.

Aside from hiring your own appraiser, you should still learn the ropes yourself and even be able to bid on pieces without needing anyone’s help. If you are planning to purchase pieces abroad, you may want to visit museums and galleries to find what you are looking for. You will get a lot of help from local guides and from art retailers around the area. Visiting these places can also expand your love of Italian home décor art and furnishings.

Do not be content with simply hanging your artwork on your walls. Valuable art pieces deserve their own gallery or their own room where these can be displayed with gusto. Other Italian home décor pieces may also be called art such as statues, ceramics, posters, and even books. Preserving these interesting pieces will help improve their value and will fetch a handsome price in case you would like to sell these someday.