Employee Services: Job-Related Services Within An Organization

For the GWC Valves International Company, since they are such a large organization, it is only normal for them to offer job-related services for their employees.

Some of the job-related services that are offered to their employees include subsidized childcare, eldercare, subsidized employee transportation, food services and educational subsidies. When it comes to subsidized childcare in 80 percent of Canadian families with young children, both parents are working. The subsidized childcare program is offered to employees in order to assist them in balancing these work and life responsibilities. Many employers will seek out childcare centers in the area close to work and recommend certain ones to employees who are interested, but nowadays, there are more employers who are setting up company-sponsored childcare facilities themselves in order to attract more employees who are young parents and to reduce absenteeism in the workplace.

Eldercare is also offered to a lot of employees in certain organizations since the average age of the Canadian population has been rising therefore this program is there to relieve stress on employees, families and the caregiver. The eldercare programs are there to assist employees that are responsible for helping elderly parents or relatives who are not fully able to care for themselves. The employees will receive flexible hours, support groups, free pagers, counseling, and adult daycare programs.

When it comes to the subsidized employee transportation program, this involves having the employer negotiate with transportation systems to provide free year round transportation to its employees. This can also include carpooling with employees who work the same hours and live close to you.

The food services allow employees to purchase meals, snack or coffee onsite usually at a lower cost or subsidized price. There are even vending machines usually present at a workplace who does not have any food services close by to them.

Finally the educational subsidies include tuition refunds, or a company will pay for a course directly related to an employer’s present job in order to keep the employee at the organization.