Everything You Should Know on How To Install A Chandelier

Chandeliers are inevitably a perfect choice if you are redecorating your house. But its care and maintenance are quite essential too. While you can look after these things with ease, but first things first, you have to learn how to install one too. So, this godsend information below will tell you everything about the same. Thank us later.

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  1. First things first, place your newly purchased chandelier in alignment with the center of your dining table.
  2. Also make sure that the chandelier you newly purchased, is at least one foot narrower than the width of your dining table.
  3. Then suspend the appliance 30-34 inches over your dining table, in a room which has an 8-feet ceiling. If your room has a higher ceiling, mouth the fixture 3 feet higher for each increased foot of the height of the ceiling.
  4. In case of a spacious lobby or a room, select a chandelier which is broader in size and longer than devices used in a dining room.
  5. Also make sure that the ceiling electrical box of the chandelier would be able to handle the weight of your chosen fixture itself. If not, then change it with a heavy-duty box or include a fan brace to your ceiling.
  6. Now, it comes to the wiring. If you are quite confident in installing the wires of the chandelier yourself, feel free to do so. Also, refresh your knowledge beforehand about the same. And if you are not too well acquainted with the wiring skills, hire up a professional electrician.

Other Information on Installing a Chandelier

  • If you want to install a chandelier in your bathroom, make sure you have all the essential clearance. The chandelier must at least be at a distance of 8 feet above the edge of the tub. Also, buy a chandelier which is UL-approved for damp conditions. Also, you can consider installing a GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) in your bathroom.
  • In order to clean a chandelier, firstly switch it off. If dusting doesn’t do the trick, then lay an old newspaper on the ground and spray some weak concoction of detergent and warm water.
  • You can also control the intensity of your chandelier. Try experimenting by adding a few shades of candelabra bulbs or use a wall dimmer. You can check out more at Premiere Luminaire. They provide you a range of add-ons for your chandelier to help you control the light and enhance the mood of the room.